360Wichita.com Blogen-usWed, 10 Aug 2022 9:58:56 CDTWed, 10 Aug 2022 9:58:56 CDThttp://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss360Wichita.comWhat Career Choices Do You Have After a Mechanical Engineering Degree?https://www.360wichita.com/blog/Education/What-Career-Choices-Do-You-Have-After-a-Mechanical-Engineering-D.html<p>Engineering has always been important, but in recent years the demand for mechanical engineers has grown tremendously. As more industries move to mechanized solutions, the need for professionals who understand these systems is higher than ever. Moreover, modern mechanical engineering encompasses a very broad range of expertise.</p><br /> <p>Depending on what you study during your degree and what you specialize in, you could be very different from other mechanical engineers in the world. This diversity also gives rise to multiple job options. Here are some of the main things you can do with a mechanical engineering degree.</p><br /> <h2>Automobile Sector</h2><br /> <p>A love for automobiles is one of the main reasons why people get into mechanical engineering. You can customize your own vehicle using what you think will be a good part, but building a vehicle from scratch, in line with numerous regulations, and actually having it mass produced and used by millions of people around the world is a truly unique feeling. You can take additional<a rel="noopener" href="https://in.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/best-courses-after-mechanical-engineering" target="_blank"> courses</a> after your degree to specialize in a certain area of automobiles such as suspension or safety systems. Considering how quickly vehicles are changing these days, you will need to stay on top of all the latest developments to remain relevant in this field.</p><br /> <h2>Engineering Consultancy</h2><br /> <p>Engineering products and engineering consultancy is also an important part of every industry. Whether you are setting up a manufacturing plant or you need help in relocating large items, mechanical engineers are needed to solve these problems. This is a very high-paying role and even with an<a rel="noopener" href="https://www.mydegreeguide.com/online-mechanical-engineering-degree/" target="_blank"> online mechanical engineering degree</a>, you can get started as a consultant. The main thing in this niche is to have relevant work experience. This is why most engineers in consultancies have already practiced for several years or even decades before they become a consultant.  In this career, you get to learn a lot of new things and explore all kinds of places.</p><br /> <h2>Energy</h2><br /> <p>The world population is increasing at a faster rate than ever before and this places a huge strain on the demand for all types of goods and services, especially energy. Mechanical engineers play an important role in the <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.forbes.com/sites/mitsubishiheavyindustries/2020/07/29/advice-for-young-engineers-embrace-todays-green-tech-opportunity/?sh=3bbce9751640" target="_blank">energy</a> sector. From developing the machines needed for energy production to optimizing energy production processes to handling research and development, mechanical engineers do a lot of work in the energy sector. As the need for energy rises and we shift towards renewable sources of power, mechanical engineers will play an important role in developing green energy solutions.</p><br /> <p><img src="https://tours.360wichita.com/siteAssets/fmimages/ME degree.png" alt="" width="500" height="333" /></p><br /> <p>Every kind of machine that you see is developed by an engineer and requires similar technical skills to make sure it continues to run properly. Even today, we are seeing more and more industries move to mechanized solutions which means engineers who can help facilitate this shift are in high demand. As markets become more competitive, the biggest thing that a business can do is to make itself more cost efficient and then compete on price. If you are looking for a career that has potential for growth, strong demand, and excellent pay, then mechanical engineering is a great option to consider. Make sure you look into what you want to specialize in and take the necessary steps that will move you in that direction.</p>Tue, 09 Aug 2022 0:00:00 CDTSelling House to Fund Your Startup? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing Sohttps://www.360wichita.com/blog/RealEstate/Selling-House-to-Fund-Your-Startup-10-Questions-to-Ask-Yourself-.html<p>It is not easy to get funds for a startup. Selling assets such as a house may seem like an easy option to generate the initial funding. It is, however, a big and risky decision that can have strong effects. Read this article to find out if you really should be selling a valuable asset such as your house.</p><br /> <p>Selling a home is always hard and can make you question the action. Moreover, if it's for getting funds for your startup then the decision can be especially stressful. However, It may be hard to find investors, and selling your home may seem like the easiest way to gather the funds. Ask yourself these questions below to know if your decision is right.</p><br /> <h3><strong>How Much Money Do You Really Need?</strong></h3><br /> <p>Your business may need a lot of money. Selling your house may seem the easiest solution. But what if your house sells for less than what you need? In this case not only will you fail to get the funds but you'll also be left without an asset. </p><br /> <p>So it is always better to consult a realtor before<a rel="noopener" href="https://www.sellflhousenow.com/florida/we-buy-houses-orlando/" target="_blank"> selling a home</a> and check how much money you can get for it. If the expected price turns out to be sufficient for your startup, then you can make the hard decision to sell. However, you should not be so eager to sell if the price of your house will not cover the entire investment. </p><br /> <h3><strong>How Fast Do You Need the Money?</strong></h3><br /> <p>Selling a house is not a walk in the park. It can take weeks, even months. The amount of money a real estate can get you and the time required depends largely on the area it is located in. </p><br /> <p>If you don't live somewhere where the demand for real estate is high, then your house may take a while to be sold.</p><br /> <p>If you need the money urgently for your startup, then it is better to not rely on a house sale. You may not get the money fast enough.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Have You Tried Other Safer Options?</strong></h3><br /> <p>Selling your home is not the only way you can get funds for a business. You can apply for small business loans, look for investors or liquidate your savings. It is said that smart investors and entrepreneurs never invest their own money. So check out if a bank or external investors would be interested in investing in your business or giving you a loan.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Do You Have Any Other Assets That You Can Sell?</strong></h3><br /> <p>You should check if you have any other assets that can be sold instead of your home. You may have some inheritance that'll never be used or some savings account that can be tapped into. It is better to rely on other options than selling a house especially because real estate is a precious asset that has many short-term as well as long-term benefits. </p><br /> <h3><strong>Can You Afford Moving Somewhere Else?</strong></h3><br /> <p>You're gonna have to move somewhere else if you sell your home. Remember that moving costs a significant amount of money and time. If you're considering <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.360wichita.com/Apartments/BenningtonPlace.html" target="_blank">renting an apartment </a>or a house, then be sure that you can afford it.</p><br /> <p>Renting can be costly especially if you're living in the city. It can be risky as well. If you can't keep your business afloat or don't make enough money then you can become homeless.</p><br /> <p>So it is important that you understand the financial risks and opportunities before making a big decision such as selling your house.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Can You Earn Enough Revenue to Keep Afloat?</strong></h3><br /> <p>Earning enough money is important to keep your business afloat and to pay for your lifestyle. You won't have a place to fall back on if you sell your house and then the business fails. How fast you start making profits also matters. </p><br /> <p>You may be risking your own and your family's future if the business takes too long to take off. So be sure that you're not rushing into decisions.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Do You Have a Backup Plan?</strong></h3><br /> <p>It's a no-brainer that you should have a backup plan before selling your house. You'll need to pay for your living somehow until your business starts making profits. It may take a long time before you can earn enough money. </p><br /> <p>It is better to have a backup plan such as an alternative source of income or an affordable place to live. A backup savings account can also become useful in the time of need.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Have You Consulted a Financial Advisor?</strong></h3><br /> <p>Financial advisors can make good assessments of any business. They can let you know about the potential risks and benefits. They can also inform you about the market and how soon you may start generating profits.</p><br /> <p>Financial advisors can give you an estimate about the size of profit you can get and how long it'll take to earn a significant amount of money. It'll help you plan your investment strategy and decide if selling your house will be helpful.</p><br /> <p>In addition to financial experts, you should consult <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.360wichita.com/Attorneys/Fleeson-Gooing-Coulson-Kitch.html" target="_blank">legal advisors</a> too as they can tell you whether your business is legally compliant. You won’t be able to make your business a success if you don’t comply with the laws and regulations. </p><br /> <h3><strong>Have You Consulted a Real Estate Agent?</strong></h3><br /> <p>Real estate agents can give you expert advice on how and when to put up your house for sale. The time of the year and market conditions can vary and affect the price of a house significantly. A realtor can help you navigate the murky waters that lead to a successful sale. </p><br /> <p>However, keep in mind that you have to pay a specific percentage of your selling price to the agent and for the costs of repairing the house. </p><br /> <h3><strong>Are the People Affected by the Move Supporting You?</strong></h3><br /> <p>Lastly, if there are people dependent on you then it's better to take their opinions first before imposing such a big decision on them. </p><br /> <p>Selling a home requires moving and settling somewhere else. It can uproot your and your family's lives. On top of that, the pressure of starting a new business can cause extra problems.</p><br /> <p>You wouldn't want to strain your relationship with your family by pressurizing them. So take everyone's opinions into account before deciding to sell your home.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Conclusion</strong></h2><br /> <p>Selling your house is a big decision that should be made with careful planning and consideration. Do not get overconfident about your business idea and make hasty and potentially disastrous decisions. </p><br /> <p>You should consult realtors, financial advisors, legal experts, and your family before finalizing something. Moreover, if you get answers to all the questions that we brought forward in this article, then you’ll be able to correctly decide whether to sell your house to fund your startup or not.</p>Wed, 27 Jul 2022 0:00:00 CDTHow To Start A Healthy Lifestyle: 5 Tips To Live Healthierhttps://www.360wichita.com/blog/HealthandBeauty/How-To-Start-A-Healthy-Lifestyle-5-Tips-To-Live-Healthier.html<p>Starting a healthy lifestyle can be challenging as it requires effort. For some, the struggle starts right away as soon as we start to approach healthy eating habits. Others were able to start effectively but lost motivation in the middle. Something may be lacking somewhere along the way.</p><br /> <p>Are you looking for instant gratification? What if having a healthier lifestyle does not work the way you think? Do not quit right away and explore some simple tips for successful healthy living first.</p><br /> <h2><strong>How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle</strong></h2><br /> <p>What were you doing prior to reading this article? Were you already practicing regular exercise, avoiding junk food, or trying to achieve a balanced diet? If yes, what you are doing is right. However, hurrying up does not make you sustain it. It only increases the risk of going back to your old diet instead.</p><br /> <h3>Set Your Goals</h3><br /> <p>When adapting to a healthier lifestyle, you cannot just simply say that you are doing it for the sake of achieving it. Instead, you can say that you want to have a healthy diet because you want to lose weight. Of course, it does not have to be limited to that.</p><br /> <p>You may also say you want to start a healthy lifestyle because you want to reduce the risk of developing physical illnesses such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Whatever goal you have, it should be specific and realistic. Specific and realistic goals will guide your action, and at the same time give you undying motivation.</p><br /> <h3>Start With Small Changes</h3><br /> <p>In the introduction, we mentioned instant gratification. Because of people’s aim for it, many engage in a fad diet. This kind of diet, although viewed as healthy ones, only promotes a temporary weight loss. Of course, you start having healthy meals, but you do not have to focus too much on how much healthy fats you consume.</p><br /> <p>This does not mean that you do not have to be watchful of how many calories you eat and how much your body burns. However, the healthy alternative way is to start with some small healthy lifestyle changes. You may think that small things may delay the results. However, delayed gratification is often more effective than instant ones in terms of turning to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Also, having a positive attitude to oneself is necessary for reaching and maintaining good health, eliminating the risk of adopting unhealthy habits again.</p><br /> <p>This also means that you can still eat your favorite foods. If they are unhealthy, you do not have to remove them from your diet right away. Instead, eat healthier by starting to have some fresh fruits and veggies, or any <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.healthcanal.com/nutrition/best-greens-powder" target="_blank">possible alternatives</a> along with the foods you were regularly eating. As you go along, you can decrease unhealthy meals and replace them with healthier ones.</p><br /> <h3>Gradual Mindful Eating</h3><br /> <p>One way to stay healthy is shifting from careless eating to a new, healthy habit. However, despite there being many healthy foods available, processed foods and sugary drinks can always fuel one’s temptation. However, even if you are having healthy snacks, emotional eating can damage its effect.</p><br /> <p>Mindful eating happens when you are spending time focusing on eating as well as what your foods make you feel. When you eat while watching TV, talking to friends, or working, you do not burn calories. Instead, it leads you to consume more of it.</p><br /> <p>Part of mindful eating is also having healthy choices. It means, that not only that you focus on eating, but you should also not eat in a hurry. Eating slowly allows your body to feel what it really feels. So, the slower you eat, the faster you get full.</p><br /> <p>Of course, more related to healthy choices is embracing healthy options. That is, although the process is gradual, new healthy habits should be seen in what you eat. For instance, you start consuming more whole foods like whole grains, foods rich in lean protein like lean meats and consider low-fat dairy products.</p><br /> <h3>Find The Right Physical Activity </h3><br /> <p>Physical exercise promotes optimal health. <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.healthcanal.com/" target="_blank">HealthCanal.com, a health website</a>, explains the benefits of having such a daily routine as helping to improve sleep, which is vital for your well-being, or it strengthens muscles along with proteins. . This is the reason many people advise to always stay active.</p><br /> <p>However, depending on your goal and your body’s needs, the physical activity you must practice may vary. For instance, exercise for those who want to further develop endurance is different from people who only want to feel more energized to keep themselves as productive as possible.</p><br /> <h3>Be Patience With Yourself</h3><br /> <p>Everyone can replace one’s bad habits with healthy habits. However, each person has his or her own unique progress. So, if you see somebody who changed his or her lifestyle faster than you, one thing to remember is patience. This avoids getting lost from your track.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Benefits Of Practicing Healthy Lifestyles</strong></h2><br /> <p>All people need to adopt a healthy lifestyle for us to obtain better health. From physical to mental health, healthy habits cater it all. For instance, living with a balanced diet and exercise helps you gain more energy throughout the day. It also regulates stress levels whenever there are negative triggers, resulting in better sleep.</p><br /> <p>Meanwhile, having enough sleep helps increase your energy levels. Plus, both physical exercise and a healthy diet help in the treatment of a mental illness like <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/exercise-is-an-all-natural-treatment-to-fight-depression" target="_blank">depression</a>. So, whether you rely on traditional ways of attaining a healthy lifestyle or use green powder supplements, both can positively impact your life. <a rel="noopener" href="https://potentash.com/2022/06/28/are-green-powders-good-you/" target="_blank">Sufficient information on this topic</a> can also be found in several online articles for your research. </p><br /> <h2><strong>Conclusion</strong></h2><br /> <p>Your health and self-esteem are interrelated. Physical and mental health work the same way too. To address this overall health issue, adopt a healthier lifestyle, which is not only limited to consuming sets of new foods in your daily life. This will bring you to become a mentally healthy individual with a happier life.</p>Mon, 25 Jul 2022 0:00:00 CDTHow to Be Productive at Universityhttps://www.360wichita.com/blog/Education/How-to-Be-Productive-at-University.html<p>Despite the high workload of university, you can learn to be more efficient by following the below-mentioned tips. Setting goals, prioritizing tasks, keeping track of deadlines, and implementing digital calendars are essential for staying on track and top of your workload. To get the most out of your time, avoid distractions like TV or your phone while studying. Lastly, you should ensure that you get at least seven hours of sleep every night.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Setting realistic goals</strong></h2><br /> <p>To be productive at university, you must set realistic goals. It is not a good idea to put a 4.0-grade plan when you are on academic probation. Instead, make short-term goals that will last for today, tomorrow, and the next few days. Midterm goals should cover how you plan to stay in school and graduate this year. Long-term goals will be more ambitious and start with graduation. Midterm and short-term goals become steps toward the larger goal.</p><br /> <p>When setting your goals, remember to include a deadline. When you set goals, you will be more likely to be more productive if you have a deadline to meet. You can set goals for the week, semester, or year-long. Remember to make the goals specific and measurable. Otherwise, you'll just be procrastinating. However, a deadline can motivate you to meet your goals and make you more motivated.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Prioritizing tasks</strong></h2><br /> <p>Learning how to prioritize tasks is vital for students at university. While focusing on what is essential and what needs to be done first can improve your productivity, learning how to manage your time effectively is just as important. By identifying your motivations and defining your productivity, you can organize your time and improve your work productivity. Experts from <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.paperhelp.org/" target="_blank">college paper writing services</a> say that it is vital to learn to identify the underlying causes of procrastination and prioritize tasks accordingly. Then, you can make your assignments and tasks manageable and effective.</p><br /> <p>It's essential to understand which tasks are important and which are urgent. Students can create a list of tasks to be done each day, assigning a priority number to each task. The highest priority tasks are done first, followed by less important tasks. When you finish the urgent tasks, move on to the important ones. Essential duties, on the other hand, can wait until you have completed the urgent ones. This way, you won't be rushing to finish them at the last minute, allowing yourself to complete the more important ones first.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Keeping track of deadlines</strong></h2><br /> <p>Keeping track of deadlines is essential when trying to stay on top of your workload. You may be completing an academic review, a draft essay, or a series of questions. Set a realistic time limit for each activity, and be sure to add additional time for research and edits. You can download a time tracking app or keep a calendar and note due dates to stay on track once you've created a schedule and transfer tasks into a to-do list system to keep track of your progress.</p><br /> <p>When creating a timeline, it's essential to set specific milestones and action items. Keeping track of deadlines will help you plan your schedule more effectively. For example, if you're working on a <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.paperhelp.org/blog/gender-equality-essay.html" target="_blank">gender equality essay</a> project, break it down into smaller segments and set separate due dates for each piece. This will help you identify progress and ensure that no one is working on a project without a clear timeline.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Using a digital calendar</strong></h2><br /> <p>Using a digital calendar for university work has numerous benefits. For starters, using a calendar is a great way to free up mental space. You don't have to rely on post-it notes to keep track of deadlines and appointments, and you can use your calendar to create a single, convenient resource for all of your activities. And because most calendars are digital, you can use your mobile device to set reminders and store information digitally.</p><br /> <p>Using a calendar for university work also benefits the many activities you'll need to complete daily. For example, university students follow the semester system, with quarters and semesters. With a calendar, you'll know exactly when you have class and what you have to do. You won't have to waste precious time looking for class materials or homework by syncing all your activities into a single digital calendar. And if you have classes throughout the week, you can schedule a time to work on each assignment. By doing this won't have to cram for exams or assignments.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Taking periodic breaks</strong></h2><br /> <p>Taking periodic breaks is a crucial way to stay productive at university. The goal of a vacation is to free yourself from the stresses of your work, so don't combine stressful activities and don't talk about your work. Instead, take a short walk or engage in some other activity. Spending time in nature improves your ability to focus and boosts creativity. Also, you may want to take a nap to reset your mind.</p><br /> <p>Research has shown that regular breaks increase our ability to concentrate on tasks. Leaves can also boost our creative output. When we take breaks, we engage in activities that require us to use different areas of our brain. These breaks can be as simple as walking, taking a shower, or enjoying a movie with friends. These activities can be both enjoyable and productive and help us stay focused.</p>Mon, 25 Jul 2022 0:00:00 CDTBest Interior Design Degree Programs of 2022https://www.360wichita.com/blog/Education/Best-Interior-Design-Degree-Programs-of-2022.html<p>A degree in Interior design is a unique program offered that is attractive to the youth seeking to create employment through creative skills. It prepares individuals to apply the techniques to professional planning, designing and furnishing residential and commercial interior spaces. Have you ever thought of becoming an interior designer but are unsure of what course to take? If you are passionate, you can choose the following degree programs with the best rank.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Top Interior Design Degree Programs </strong></h2><br /> <p>Even though there are many programs, you only need to find the best that works for you through the following degree programs.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Bachelor of Arts </strong></h3><br /> <p>Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts is one of the most effective ways to open doors to careers like art director, designer, or even a teacher. The program focuses on courses like history, philosophy, visual arts, and languages. It only takes four years to complete the degree program, and the graduates with writing skills can get jobs like being freelance writers for hire. </p><br /> <p>Furthermore, if you are troubled with your assignments, you can easily get assistance from freelance writers. For instance, I had technical research that forced me to look for someone to <a href="https://www.grabmyessay.com/write-papers-for-money">write my essay for money</a> that I would submit the following day. A professional freelance writer was the perfect deal for me. In addition, students gain invaluable skills that prepare them for careers in conceptual design for various spaces. </p><br /> <h3><strong>Bachelor of Science </strong></h3><br /> <p>It is a four-year program that is offered in the school of architecture. Students are trained in business areas such as accounting, economics and marketing, and design basics like architecture history, textile, and decorative arts. It prepares one for careers like facility managers and computer software designers upon completion. Additionally, it requires a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for the program.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Bachelor of Design</strong></h3><br /> <p>The program gives students the knowledge and skills to become professionals designing houses, offices, hospitals, and hotels and <a rel="noopener" href="https://networkustad.com/2021/12/24/best-interior-decorating-degree-programs-and-majors/" target="_blank">decorating degree programs</a> that enhance customer satisfaction. Depending on your specialization, the program can land you in the following careers.</p><br /> <p><strong>Bachelor of Design Careers</strong></p><br /> <p>Here are the job opportunities that you can get upon completion.</p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Industrial designer – creating products and systems that will improve the factories’ value and appearance according to the customer requirements.</li><br /> <li>Graphic designer – creating a visual concept of the product to grab the attention of potential customers.</li><br /> <li>Fashion designer – a professional combining clothing pieces, shoes, and bags, suggesting a fashion trend, and sending messages through your collection.</li><br /> <li>Interior designer – designing and decorating buildings like hospitals and hotels and giving a compliment on each piece that doesn’t match an overall theme.</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p>Completing this program takes only four years.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Bachelor of Fine Arts </strong></h2><br /> <p>The program focuses on pursuing the visual, fine, or performing arts with an area of specialization in acting, musical theater, film production, and more. Even though it takes four years to complete, the program can as well take a shorter or longer time because of the amount of <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.researchgate.net/publication/242300584_BACHELOR_OF_FINE_ARTS" target="_blank">studio coursework</a> required. Students are prepared for careers like commercial design, healthcare design, hospitality design, residential design, and facility management. You gain research, writing, and critical thinking skills during your study.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Final Thoughts</strong></h2><br /> <p>With the help of a bachelor's degree in interior design, you will be an expert in marketable skills such as critical thinking, and communication, translating into various career options. If you are interested in a particular part of interior design, look for a program that offers concentration or certification of your interest. With the above interior design degree programs, you can choose the best one.</p>Thu, 21 Jul 2022 0:00:00 CDTBuying a Car From Another State? Here's What to Keep in Mindhttps://www.360wichita.com/blog/Automotive/Buying-a-Car-From-Another-State-Heres-What-to-Keep-in-Mind.html<p>Moving to a new state can be daunting, and one of the first things you'll need to do is figure out how to get around. If you're planning on buying a car, you may be considering purchasing from another state. Cars are no longer luxury items - they're a practical necessity for many. While buying from another state can be a great way to get a good deal, there are also some important things to keep in mind. Here's what you need to know about buying a car from another state.</p><br /> <h2>Plan for Taxes and Fees</h2><br /> <p>You may be responsible for paying taxes and fees when you buy a car from another state. Each state has different rules regarding taxes and fees on car purchases, so you'll need to do your research ahead of time. In some cases, you may be required to pay sales tax on the car's purchase price. You may also be responsible for other fees, such as registration or title transfer fees.</p><br /> <p>Be sure to factor in the cost of vehicle transport fees too. These fees on <a rel="noopener" href="https://vehicletransportservices.co/" target="_blank">auto transport services</a> can vary significantly depending on the distance the car needs to be shipped, so be sure to get a quote before you make your purchase. The last thing you want is to be surprised by hidden costs after buying your car.</p><br /> <h2>Check the Laws</h2><br /> <p>When buying a car from another state, you need to be aware of the specific laws that apply to car purchases. Each state has laws, which may vary significantly from one state to the next. Doing your research ahead of time is essential to know what you're getting into. There are a few things you should keep in mind regarding <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/consumer-protection/automotive-scams/buying-new-or-used-car" target="_blank">car buying laws</a>. First, make sure you know the age requirements for cars in the state where you're buying. In some states, there is no minimum age requirement, while in others, the minimum age is 16 or 18.</p><br /> <p>You'll also need to be familiar with the rules on titling and registering cars. In some states, the seller must title and register the vehicle in their name before selling it to you. The buyer is responsible for titling and writing the car in other states. Make sure you know the rules in the state where you're buying, so you don't run into any surprises down the road. Check out the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website for your state to learn more about specific laws governing car purchases.</p><br /> <h2>Get an Out-of-State License</h2><br /> <p>If you're buying a car from another state, you'll need an out-of-state license. Each state has different requirements for getting an out-of-state license, so be sure to do your research before you make the purchase. In most cases, you'll need to provide proof of residency in your new state and a valid driver's license from your previous state.</p><br /> <p><img src="https://tours.360wichita.com/siteAssets/fmimages/acura-rear-g0b20e6e02_1280.jpg" alt="" width="800" height="533" /></p><br /> <p>You may also take written and driving tests to get your new license. Once again, requirements vary from state to state, so you must know what's required ahead of time. The last thing you want is to get your new car only to realize you can't drive it because you don't have a valid license.</p><br /> <h2>Get Insurance</h2><br /> <p>Another important thing to remember when buying a car from another state is that you'll need insurance. Your old car insurance policy may not be valid in your new state, so you'll need to purchase a new policy. Be sure to shop around for the best rate - you may be able to find a better deal on your car insurance by switching companies.</p><br /> <p>In most cases, you'll need to provide proof of insurance before registering your car in your new state. This means you'll need to have your insurance information ready before picking up your new vehicle. Make sure you're familiar with the insurance requirements in your new state so you can have everything you need before driving off the lot.</p><br /> <h2>Check for Liens</h2><br /> <p>If you're buying a used car from another state, checking for liens before making the purchase is important. A lien is a legal claim against a vehicle that allows the lienholder to seize the car if the owner fails to pay what they owe. In most cases, liens are placed on cars when the owner fails to pay their auto loan or lease payments.</p><br /> <p>If there is a lien on the car you're interested in, you'll need to pay it off before you can take ownership of it. Sometimes, the seller may be willing to pay off the lien for you. However, in most cases, it will be up to you to pay off the lien before you can take possession of the car.</p><br /> <h2>Get a VIN Check</h2><br /> <p>A vehicle identification number (VIN) check is essential in any car-buying process. This check will tell you important information about the car, such as its history, make and model, and any accidents or damage that has been reported.</p><br /> <p>You can get a VIN check by contacting the National Insurance Crime Bureau or visiting their website. You'll need to provide the car's VIN to get a report. A VIN check is an important step in protecting yourself from buying a lemon. It's also a good way to find out if the car has been in any accidents or has any other hidden damage.</p><br /> <h2>Check for Recalls</h2><br /> <p>Before buying a car from another state, it's important to ensure there are no outstanding recalls on the vehicle. You can check for recalls by visiting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. Just enter the vehicle's make and model, and you'll be able to see if there are any open recalls.</p><br /> <p>If there are outstanding recalls, you may be able to have them fixed for free by a certified dealer or mechanic. However, not all recalls can be fixed, and some may require no longer available parts. It's important to weigh the risks and benefits of buying a car with an outstanding recall before making your final decision.</p><br /> <p>Purchasing a car from another state can be a great way to get a good deal on a vehicle. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before making the purchase. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that you'll be happy with your new car purchase.</p>Wed, 06 Jul 2022 0:00:00 CDTTips for Planning an Affordable Trip to New Yorkhttps://www.360wichita.com/blog/Lifestyle/Tips-for-Planning-an-Affordable-Trip-to-New-York.html<p>New York, USA. Home to the Statue of Liberty, Broadway shows, and some of the best shopping in the world. From the outside, New York may seem like one of the most expensive places to visit, and rightly so. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and as such, hotel prices are high, and restaurants tend to be on the pricier side. But what do you do if you want to visit New York on a budget? Do you have to go on your trip until you save enough money? Not! If you plan and are willing to be flexible, you can visit New York on a budget. Here are some tips to get you started:</p><br /> <h2>Choose Your Dates Wisely</h2><br /> <p>If you can, avoid visiting during the peak tourist season, which runs from June to August. Not only will flights and hotels be more expensive during this time, but attractions will be more crowded if you can <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.huffpost.com/entry/everything-you-need-to-kn_b_8153292" target="_blank">visit during the off-season</a>, which runs from April to May or September to October. You'll find that prices are lower and there will be fewer people at tourist attractions. You may also want to consider visiting during the week instead of on the weekends.</p><br /> <h2>Find a Place to Stay Outside of Manhattan</h2><br /> <p>Manhattan is the most expensive borough in New York City. If you want to save money on accommodation, consider staying in one of the other boroughs, such as Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx. You'll find that hotels and Airbnbs are significantly cheaper in these areas, and you'll still be close to all the action. Plus, you'll get a more authentic New York experience by staying in one of the city's diverse neighborhoods.</p><br /> <p>Another option is to stay outside of New York City altogether. There are plenty of hotels in the surrounding area that offer shuttle services into the city. This can be a great way to <strong>save money</strong> on accommodation and still easily access all New York attractions.</p><br /> <h2>Buy Tickets in Advance</h2><br /> <p>If there are specific attractions you want to see, such as the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, it's a good idea to buy your tickets in advance. This will save you money and time, as you won't have to wait in line to purchase your tickets when you get there. Many of New York's most popular attractions <strong>offer discounts</strong> if you purchase your tickets online, so be sure to research before you go.</p><br /> <p>Various platforms offer tickets at a discounted rate. Even better, some of these sites may help you discover <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.hellotickets.com/us/new-york/things-to-do-new-york/sc-1-2081" target="_blank">new things to do in NYC</a> that you previously did not know about. Just make sure to read the reviews before purchasing anything. You can also compare prices between sites to ensure you get the best deal.</p><br /> <h2>Take Advantage of Free Attractions</h2><br /> <p>New York City has plenty of free attractions that are worth checking out. For starters, you can visit Central Park, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, or explore one of the city's many museums. Many attractions offer free days or times, so look into that before going. You can also find <strong>walking tours</strong> that are a great way to see the city and learn about its history.</p><br /> <h2>Eat Like a Local</h2><br /> <p>Eating out can be one of the most expensive parts of visiting New York. If you want to save money, eat like a local. That means avoiding tourist traps and dining at hole-in-the-wall restaurants and food carts. Not only will the food be cheaper, but it will also be more authentic.</p><br /> <p>Another great way to save money on food is to cook your meals. This may not be possible if you're staying in a hotel, but Airbnbs usually have kitchens that you can use. If cooking isn't your thing, take advantage of<strong> happy hour deals</strong>. Many restaurants and bars offer discounted food and drinks during certain hours.</p><br /> <h2>Walk Whenever Possible</h2><br /> <p><img src="https://tours.360wichita.com/siteAssets/fmimages/pexels-picjumbocom-196667.jpg" alt="" width="800" height="533" /></p><br /> <p>The city's excellent public transportation system makes moving around New York easy and affordable. However, if you want to save money, walk whenever possible. Not only is it a great way to see more of the city, but you'll also avoid paying for subway or bus fares. Plus, walking is a great way to get some exercise while on vacation.</p><br /> <p>You can also ride through the city on a bike. New York City has a bike-sharing program called <a href="https://www.bing.com/ck/a?!&&p=1aec2ed2020d2d3de19cc3eafd6bff8400ae2b6f097467aab43af5a1b742ec61JmltdHM9MTY1NTc5Nzk4MCZpZ3VpZD01ZTAxNTJmNS1mNTMyLTQ3ZjAtOWM1Yi1iOWIzOTQ1NzU2ODAmaW5zaWQ9NTE1MA&ptn=3&fclid=2b941d88-f137-11ec-b5ef-b87617ccfaa8&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9jaXRpYmlrZW55Yy5jb20v&ntb=1">Citi Bike</a> that makes it easy and <strong>affordable to get around</strong>. If you stay for an extended period, you can buy a monthly pass.</p><br /> <p>There are many ways to save money when visiting New York City. If you're careful with your spending, you can have a great time without breaking the bank. Just remember to research before you go and take advantage of all the city offers.</p>Wed, 06 Jul 2022 0:00:00 CDTWichita Live Theatre Guide: Summer 2022https://www.360wichita.com/blog/Entertainment/Wichita-Live-Theatre-Summer-2022.html<p>The weather is hot and so is the lineup of shows at Wichita's live theatres this summer! Here's a preview of what's coming up.</p>Wed, 29 Jun 2022 0:00:00 CDTYour Fishing Guide: Do You Need WaxWorms or Waxies For Fishing Bait?https://www.360wichita.com/blog/Lifestyle/Your-Fishing-Guide-Do-You-Need-WaxWorms-or-Waxies-For-Fishing-Ba.html<p>Waxworms, also referred to as waxies are extremely common for fishing enthusiasts. It is a common bait that helps with fishing in different scenarios.</p><br /> <p>Waxworms are commercially produced larvae of the wax moth and are one of the most popular fishing baits all over the world. Because of their small size and soft texture, larvae are really effective in catching fish - exactly every fisherman needs waxworms for fishing.</p><br /> <p>In this article, we will discuss every detail you could possibly learn about waxworms, especially if you are going to use them as bait for fishing. </p><br /> <h2><strong>About Waxworms</strong></h2><br /> <p><a rel="noopener" href="https://www.topflightdubia.com/wax-worms" target="_blank">Waxworms </a>are typically less than an inch long, with the delicate, waxy, and dry outer skin. They have a creamy texture inside, and they exude a smell to attract fish when pierced with a fishing hook.</p><br /> <p>Their body structure resembles that of caterpillars, and they are normally light yellowish or off-white.</p><br /> <p>People use waxworms for pan fishing, ice fishing, or feeding pets. Waxworms can be shipped to your home alive, or you can buy them from stores.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Are Waxworms Good for Fishing?</strong></h2><br /> <p>Certainly, they are. Waxworms are very commonly used for bait because they are effective, easy to handle, and can easily be applied to fish hooks.</p><br /> <p>Fish not only see the yellowish-colored worms, but they also can smell them. As a result, they are attracted to the worms and get caught.</p><br /> <p>Waxworms are easy to handle because they are sold in plastic cups with lids, making them easy to carry from the bait store to the stream, river, or lake where they will be used.</p><br /> <p>Because waxies as bait are effective in both cold and warm water, people find it convenient to use them.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Can You Fish with Dead Waxworms?</strong></h2><br /> <p>Waxworms are their best as bait when they are healthy and alive. After their death, they turn mushy, brown, and stale. As a result, fish don't find them attractive anymore, so they become ineffective. </p><br /> <p>However, if the dead waxworms look fresh and retain moisture, they will still work well as bait.</p><br /> <p>But you can use an alternative which is preserved waxworms. You will easily find them in bait shops in packs of 10 to 20.</p><br /> <p>These are dead waxworms that have been preserved in scented preservatives and attract fish just like live bait.</p><br /> <h2><strong>How to Hook a Waxworm</strong></h2><br /> <p>The steps to hook a waxworm on a fishing hook are straightforward. Let me tell you the most effective method so that you can catch more and more fish.</p><br /> <p>Pierce a worm in its midsection from one side to the other using a size 8 hook rigged beneath a bobber. This method of hooking the bait allows each end of the worm to wiggle. This movement attracts the fish. </p><br /> <h2><strong>How Long Do Waxworms Last?</strong></h2><br /> <p>Waxworms are one of the most durable baits available. They can adjust to a wide range of temperatures and can also withstand extremely cold temperatures, which makes them perfect for ice fishing.</p><br /> <p><strong>If you keep the worms in a refrigerator, they will last up to three weeks.</strong></p><br /> <p>Waxworms can be kept in a container or a plastic box for several months if properly preserved. Anglers typically keep them at room temperature in their home, garage, or cellar. Many fishermen keep them slightly chilled to keep them fresher for longer.</p><br /> <p>But you shouldn’t store waxworms at high temperatures because this could cause them to die. It's not a good idea to keep them at room temperature for an extended period because they'll form cocoons and eventually develop into wax moths within the can or container.</p><br /> <p>Waxworms typically mature into the pupa stage in twenty days; however, if you keep them in colder places, this time can be extended to up to five months. This means chilly temperatures can keep the worms in a ready-to-fish state for a long time.</p><br /> <p><strong>What Are the Best Fish to Catch with a Waxworm?</strong></p><br /> <p>Waxworms are a favorite trout bait. They are, nevertheless, excellent for catching other panfish such as catfish, sunfish, bluegills, perch, crappies, and whitefish.</p><br /> <p>Anglers frequently use waxworm bait to catch walleye and bass, but they are not regarded as ideal for catching large fish.</p><br /> <p>So if you <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.360wichita.com/blog/RealEstate/Lakeside-Communities.html" target="_blank">love fishing</a>, boating, and spending time with your family doing water activities, get some wormwax and go to your favorite <a rel="noopener" href="https://www.360wichita.com/blog/Local/Wichita-Fishing-Spots.html" target="_blank">fishing spots</a>.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Is WaxWorm Better than Artificial Bait?</strong></h2><br /> <p>Live waxworms work better than artificial bait. Even if you use the highest quality of artificial bait, they won’t be able to replicate the appearance and smell of live worms completely.</p><br /> <p>People prefer live worms because their smell is more effective in drawing the attention of fish, and artificial bait lacks this natural smell and has a scent of preservatives.</p><br /> <p>But note that certain areas have restrictions prohibiting fishermen from using any form of live bait. In such cases, you will need to use artificial bait.</p><br /> <h2><strong>The Cost of Waxworms</strong></h2><br /> <p>Waxworms come in a variety of prices. There is no fixed rate for them. Commercial producers and bait shops have different prices, which will also differ because of the quantity in a package or can.</p><br /> <p>The price range for a can of 50 waxworms is between $8 and $15. However, depending on the quality and location of purchase, waxworms can be more or less.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Substitutes for Waxworms</strong></h2><br /> <p>Aside from waxworms, fishermen also use a variety of other live baits. They're great for fishing, especially for people who are drawn to that particular bait.</p><br /> <p>Some other commonly used natural baits are maggots, fish eggs, earthworms, grubs, beetles, tadpoles, crickets, aquatic snails, grasshoppers, bees, tadpoles, small frogs, crayfish, leeches, ants, and so on.</p><br /> <p>Also, there are hundreds of artificial baits available and used by fishermen. Nearly all of these alternatives are effective. Though many factors such as depth, temperature, fish spices, and time of day, influence the level of their effectiveness, most artificial bait is pretty effective.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Final Words</strong></h2><br /> <p>A commonly asked question that we get asked a lot is about handling waxworms and how to use them for best results. Hopefully, we have answered all your question regarding waxworm for fishing, its use, benefit, substitutes, and many more.</p><br /> <p>Let’s do a final rundown of this article for you. Refrain from adding any feed or water to waxworms. If they are in their larva stage, they grow from their own body fat and do not require to be fed. And lastly, keep them dry! Happy fishing!</p>Fri, 27 May 2022 0:00:00 CDTGoing Online to Secure Work in Restaurant Managementhttps://www.360wichita.com/blog/Lifestyle/Going-Online-to-Secure-Work-in-Restaurant-Management.html<p>Whatever type of career you are interested in, it is vital that you make use of the many tools and resources available to help you these days. For those who are interested in getting into restaurant management by way of their careers, there are lots of different tools that can help you to achieve your career goals including a wide variety of online resources. These make it easier for you to work toward your dream career while also offering greater ease and convenience.</p><br /> <p>Working in restaurant management can be a very rewarding<a rel="noopener" href="https://www.robertwaltersgroup.com/news/expert-insight/careers-blog/how-to-find-a-fulfilling-job.html" target="_blank"> and fulfilling role</a> for many reasons. However, in order to get into this type of work, you need to make sure you meet the requirements in terms of your training, skills, and experience levels. There are also other steps that can help you to secure work in restaurant management, and you can access a host of resources and tools online. In this article, we will look at some of the online tools that can help you to secure work as a restaurant manager.</p><br /> <h2><strong>Some of the Resources and Tools You Can Access</strong></h2><br /> <p>There are many valuable resources and tools that you can access if you want to improve your chances of getting into this type of career. Some of the main ones to consider are:</p><br /> <h3><strong>Getting the Right Training</strong></h3><br /> <p>One of the things that you need to do in order to get into restaurant management is to have the right training and skills. The great thing these days is that you can do a lot of training at home from the comfort and privacy of your own home and at a time that fits in with<a rel="noopener" href="https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/organize-schedules" target="_blank"> your schedule</a>. So, take some time to find out what you need in order to get into this type of job, and you can then look for suitable online courses.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Creating Your Resume</strong></h3><br /> <p>In order to stay a step ahead of the competition, you also need to ensure you have a solid and polished resume to impress potential employers. When you go online, you can easily look at a<a rel="noopener" href="https://www.resumehelp.com/resume-examples/restaurant-manager" target="_blank"> restaurant manager resume example</a> to give you a better idea of what you need in order to pursue your career goals. You can then create a resume that ticks all the boxes and can help you to secure an interview when you start making applications for restaurant management positions.</p><br /> <h3><strong>Registering for Job Notifications</strong></h3><br /> <p>One of the other things that you should do once you have the necessary training and skills is to register your interest in restaurant management positions. You can do this by going onto the various job agency websites online and inputting your details. Based on the information you provide, the details of any suitable vacancies that arise can then be sent directly to your inbox so that you do not risk missing out.</p><br /> <p>These are some of the steps that you can take online if you want to boost your chances of securing work as a restaurant manager.</p>Fri, 27 May 2022 0:00:00 CDT