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Allison Lamm

Allison was born in Wichita and has lived in Wichita her entire life. In 2013, she graduated from Newman University with a bachelor’s in communications, and will soon be returning to obtain her MBA.

She has a lot of pride for her home city, and the pride paired with her love for crafting and creating artwork led to her small business of creating Wichita related artwork—which has been featured at Final Friday, Zoobilee, the Old Town Farmers’ Market and more.

Currently, she’s working at Newman University as the Administrative Assistant to the School of Business. She lives with her boyfriend, pit bull (Lucy), and Chihuahua (Tutu).

She’s excited to be writing for 360Wichita because of its involvement and love for the city and people who live here. She says, “It’s great to be involved with an organization that promotes community involvement and the benefits that can come from that.”


Andrew Gough

Andrew Gough started Reverie Coffee Roasters in 2013 with the intention for creating a specialty coffee roastery in support the local coffee industry.

Reverie’s café business took off rapidly. In January 2018, they expanded into a second location (Café at the Kiva in 220 Douglas Place in The Garvey Center), and later relocated its flagship location (2202 E. Douglas Ave.), where they expanded into a full-service restaurant and artisan bakery.

Andrew currently sits on the board of directors for Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association and the executive council to the Douglas Design District. He works alongside his wife and business controller, Katie. They have two sons, Weston (age 7) and Sullivan (age 5).

ReverieRoasters.com /@reverieroasters


Anna Bohr

Anna Bohr was born and raised in Wichita. She returned to her hometown after a four-year absence for college to work as a digital/social media content marketer.

When not working, she enjoys performing with area community theaters, taking too many pictures, visiting interesting places and escaping to other worlds through creative writing.


Brian Hunter

Brian is a Wichita native, U.S. Army veteran, and father of two beautiful daughters. He is a Wichita East High School and Southwestern College graduate. He spends his time running two local businesses and hurting people’s ears as a podcaster.

Retired from a life of fighting crime, Brian works as a semi-professional artist, a kung fu master, and a comic book peddler. He has a love of automobiles, cigars, geek things, and local music. Brian is excited to bring his eclectic experiences and views to the Wichita community.


Claudia Amaro

Claudia Amaro is one of the owners of AB&C Bilingual Resources LLC. She started this company with two of her sisters in 2017 to close the gaps between different cultures in our city when language is a barrier. The company also helps local businesses, non-profits and people to understand and be more inclusive with minorities, which in this case is mainly the Latino community.

Claudia has a weekly community Radio Show on La Raza 99.7 FM called Planeta Venus. Every Monday night she invites members of the community: professionals, business owners, and the community, in general, to come to her show and share their stories. The radio show shares valuable information to bring the Latino community together. Planeta Venus is one of the few media outlets that informs the Latino community about local events and news.

Claudia serves on different boards like the Mexico Committee for the Wichita Area Sister Cities and the WPD Hispanic Advisory Board, among others. She loves Wichita and is passionate about cultures, community, and unity. She often gets invited to speak in different panels about immigration as she has a powerful story.

In 2016, Claudia helped the Kansas Leadership Center to start the first Spanish leadership program in Wichita. A year later, she started a program for Latino Youth with the support of the Kansas Leadership Center, WSU and Botanica Gardens to help them feel more confident and give them some tools to attend college.

Part of her story is featured in three books including Dreamers: An Immigrant Generation's Fight for Their American Dream.


David Moore

Born and currently residing in west Wichita, David has been an elementary physical education teacher for the past 17 years. David is a graduate of Wichita State and received his Masters of Education from Baker University. He is also the owner and operator of Bluestem Rentals LLC, a company that specializes in renting out yard/tailgating games. David has served on numerous, community groups and board of directors mainly centered around education, recreation, and outdoor living.

Affectionately known as a jack-of-all-trades, David enjoys building “stuff” with his hands. His main hobby is woodworking and creating artwork using high voltage electricity to burn abstract images into wood. As a “connoisseur of life,” David enjoys viewing artwork, sampling the local craft beer, cooking, listening to a wide array of music (although he is impartial to 90’s R&B,) and meeting new people.


Dayna Hoock

A Wichita native, Dayna Hoock's ignorant teenage youth convinced her that she hated this city, but as an adult, she has grown to love the ICT and its diverse offerings. A graduate of Wichita State University with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Dayna has been working in the marketing field since graduating in 2015.

She is an animal lover, LGBT advocate, foodie, and promoter of positivity. Follow her Instagram, @daynalynnict, where she frequently posts about her Wichita outings.


Helen Reicher

Helen Reicher is an up and coming Wichita comedian. She headlined at the 2016 & 2017 Lady Laughs Comedy Festival in Madison, WI and is co-producing the festival in Wichita July 2018.

She was a finalist in the 2016 & 2017 Loony Bin Comedy Club Wichita's Funniest Person Contest and Semi-Finalist in the 2017 KC Comedy Festival. Drawing on her life experiences, she creates a raw and honest comedic style that can be described with only one word: realness.


Jasmine Gutierrez

Jasmine Gutierrez

A transplant from Long Beach, California, Jasmine (Massions) Gutierrez has called Wichita her home for over two decades now. Jasmine had the opportunity to grow up on both the east and west coast as well as the Philippines (yes, she does speak a little Tagalog). She studied Design Communication Arts through the University of California, Los Angeles, and is a Wichita State University graduate.

With her love for photography and the arts, it was a natural transition for Jasmine to work as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. In her spare time, she loves to discover new places to go hiking and getting her Fitbit steps. When Jasmine isn’t working on photos or designing, she also enjoys yoga and creating art as well as dancing and attending the many different things Wichita has to offer.



Josh Tripoli

Josh Tripoli is an active artist in Wichita. As a teaching artist for Kansas Arts Partners he designs art programs for students in Wichita. As a founding member of Lupoli Collective, Tripoli designs and executes public murals to increase the quality of life and encourage interest in local merchants. Tripoli progressively works toward a universal language for visual arts in the community.


Katie Gette

Katie Gette is a Kansas native and Wichita enthusiast. Graduating from the Butler Culinary program, Katie is a local chef, food blogger, caterer, and filmmaker for Vegan and health inspired recipes. Although, she affectionately claims there is nothing she can’t cook and very little she is unwilling to eat.

You can check out her Facebook page and her blog, VeganVirago.com. When Katie isn’t cooking, she is fiercely active in Wichita’s budding local comedy scene. Out of the kitchen, off stage, and in her free time, she likes nothing more than to check out local Wichita bands, restaurants, and everything the nightlife has to offer.


Kelli Bennett

Kelli Bennett is no stranger to the Wichita area. Growing up in the nearby small town of Clearwater, Kan., Kelli moved to Wichita in 2007 when she took a job as an emergency dispatcher with a local air ambulance company. Kelli has a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration but has recently fallen in love with a career helping local children in foster care.

A mother of four daughters and three step-children, you can often catch her on the sideline of a local soccer game, volunteering at her daughters' schools, or in the bleachers cheering on her favorite high school team, the Bishop Carroll Eagles!

In rare moments, Kelli has free time she loves to read, spend time with her husband and family attending Wichita Force games, and enjoying all that Wichita has to offer!


Kenneth Jobe

Kenneth Jobe is a writer/photographer originally from California, currently living in Wichita with his wife, baby-to-be, and their snorting snorehound, Roscoe.

Ken is the author of several short stories and is currently shopping around his first novel. He writes about TV, movies, books, and life in general at his blog, BooksofJobe.com.

Ken is also co-host of the music podcast The Ringing Ear, and writes album and concert reviews for its host site, KillBoringMusic.com.


Kisha Blair

Kisha is excited to blog on 360Wichita.com! She loves exploring what is new and exciting about Wichita, while still being able to visit buildings and historic places that were here when her 4th great-grandparents lived in town!

She enjoys camping, hiking, biking, and just about anything that takes her off the beaten path. She is involved in volunteering at the Kansas Humane Society and for local transport rescue groups.

She hopes to discover many new and fun things about our city, rediscover old favorites, and take readers along with me for the adventure!


Matt Cantrell

Matt Cantrell graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Wichita State University. Over the course his collegiate career he gained a little weight, (i.e. ya boy got fat). With a penchant for research and self-improvement, he knew fitness was just a few clicks away. He applied the same level of analysis to nutrition and exercise that he did to engineering. It was the beginning of what would become a 70 lb transformation and a pivotal milestone in his life.

While continuing his work as an aerospace engineer, he researched and tested activewear from various companies. Not long after, Phoenix Fitness USA was born, a premium men's activewear, athletic apparel, and training gear company. The company serves as a platform to research, design, and develop products engineered with purpose.


Raquel Reyes

Raquel “RAQs” Reyes is a local photographer and Internet broadcaster born and raised in the ICT. She’s happily married to Jose and has two awesome kiddos, Alana and Aidan.

Becoming 360Wichita.com contributor is an awesome opportunity for Raquel to continue to squash the saying “There is nothing to do in Wichita!” Over the past two and a half years, she has done her best to show this through ICT CONNECT RADIO, a station that was established through Mixlr.com. It consists of local programming to bring awareness to the art, music, business, and culture we have in our wonderful city.

So if you hear anyone say there’s nothing to do, SEND THEM HER WAY!


Ryan McGinnis

Ryan McGinnis

Imported to Wichita in 2014, Ryan is fascinated by his new adopted home. He spends his days toiling as the Digital Manager of a large automotive dealership group, and spends his nights cooking, writing, playing music and riding his bike.

Having cut his teeth on the Charlotte NC underground music scene, Ryan thrives on seeking out dive bars and unknown sounds, and is equally at home listening to jazz and classical, or rocking out to thrash and punk rock and everything in between.

You’re also likely to find him quizzing bartenders about their craft, or trading notes with web designers, as the creation of art and vice versa is a constant fascination. He is also blown away by the love he feels for Wichita and the love it gives back.


Sadonia Lane

Sadonia grew up in Texas and then moved to the small town of Lincoln in northcentral Kansas. College brought her to Wichita where she studied American history and historic preservation at Wichita State University.

She was a contributor to Kansas: In the Heart of Tornado Alley and assisted in listing the Wirkler-Krehbiel home in North Newton on both the State and National Register of Historic Places.

She spends most of my days working in higher education with the federal student aid programs and teaching history courses. Moving to Wichita allowed her to spur her obsession with old buildings by experiencing Old Town and seeing historic neighborhoods like College Hill, Riverside and Fairmount. She loves seeing them brought back to life for more generations to enjoy as well as appreciate their unique character on the outside. She also believes the oldest buildings are the most sustainable and greenest.


Shayla Meyer

Most people call Shayla “Shay.” She's currently navigating her twenties and trying to figure out post-grad life (#goshocks). She lives for girl power and all things that empower and celebrate women.

Other stuff that makes her heart feel warm and full includes: dancing badly with her friends, walking around downtown ICT, college basketball (born and raised a KU fan, but quickly fell for WSU. A heart divided, if you will), playing Skip-Bo with her family, and drinking an unhealthy amount of coffee.

All in all, she's the perfect mix of Leslie Knope and Andy Dwyer – optimistic and passionate, yet clumsy and clueless at times. Like Leslie, she loves her city and 360Wichita is her parks department.


Interested in becoming a 360Wichita.com Community Contributor? Keep your eyes peeled for our next call for contributors!

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