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Wichita's Earthquake Response, Damages

Wichita's Earthquake Response, Damages

Wichita received minor damage as a result of two overnight earthquakes centered in Oklahoma. The quakes measured 4.4 and 4.8, hitting just 30 seconds apart from each other.

The Wichita Public Works department sent earthquake response teams to scout out damages resulting from the quakes. Among the reported damages are several cracks in buildings and a crack in the cement floor at Patrol East. The damages reported are minor, and should not require the closure of any facilities.

Three water main breaks were also discovered this morning, but it has yet to be determined if this is a direct result of the earthquakes. This information will come later, when the pipes can be excavated.

The response teams are still checking for further damage, and an engineering team will perform precautionary examinations on local bridges to ensure that they were not damaged. The city also released a statement verifying that it has earthquake insurance to cover damages.


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