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Senate Passes New Foster Care Measure

Senate Passes Foster Care Measure

A proposed new foster family measure has been approved by Kansas Senate in 24-15 vote on Tuesday, on a bill from Republican Senator Forrest Knox of Altoona. The proposal is for a foster family pilot program that will allow married couples who meet certain criteria to serve as foster parents for children who have been abused or neglected.

Eligible couples must not smoke or drink, and must have been in a “stable” marriage for at least seven years. Under this proposal, only one  CARE foster parent  may work outside of the home.

Participating couples could receive reimbursements from the state totaling up to $4,000 per year to cover in home or private schooling expenses.

Some people have expressed criticism in regards to the program, predicting that the measure would take funding away from the public school system, and stating that passing the measure could suggest that ineligible families aren’t as good as those who can participate in the program.

As the measure has been passed by the Senate, the next step is to go to the House.


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