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Hollywood Star is Moving to Kansas


Many Kansans saw the hoax article ran by Headlinebrief.com that stated Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey was moving to the small town of Mulvane, Kansas. The article was not true, but it did however catch the star's eye.

McConaughey, inspired by the buzz created by the article decided to have a look at the Kansas town. In an interview he said "The article painted the town in such a great light, I thought I'd check it out. Looks like a great place to raise my family".

After a single visit to Mulvane, McConaughey decided he was in fact moving there. He hopes to escape the limelight and hectic Hollywood lifestyle. 

"I'm just a normal dude." McConaughey said, "Mulvane is alright, alright, alright".



April Fools!

Sadly no, the star isn't actually moving to the Wichita area. But maybe that doesn't have to be the case, who knows he might stumble upon this article and it will inspire him to move here.


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