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Kansas Board of Education Reveals New Vision

The Kansas State Board of Education’s new vision will place equal focus on skills that will help students succeed in the workforce, but are not academic in nature. On Tuesday, during the Kansas Department of Education conference, the state’s Education Commissioner, Randy Watson spoke on the matter.

This vision, which aims to help students succeed in the working world, is a result of community meeting discussions regarding what citizens want from K-12 education.

According to Watson, the board and department plan to focus on the success of each student by implementing individualized education plans.

One idea for the program involves offering students business experience through internship and job shadowing opportunities. In addition to this, students should gain experience in community service, which should also serve as a large part of the program.

In order to carry out this vision, graduation requirements will need to be adjusted, more school counselors will be needed and less emphasis will be placed on standardized testing.

Ashley Aulbach


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