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Four Ponies Rescued from Barn Damaged By Wind

Four Ponies Rescued

Kansas has seen an increase in strong winds lately, and while few are excited about the cold it brings with it, none are so affected by the winds as four Hutchinson ponies whose barn was blown off of its foundation.

When strong gusts of wind removed the 15X20’ barn from its foundation by 15 feet, the four ponies were trapped inside. This was around 2:30 Sunday afternoon, in the 1600 block of N. Harding.

One of the ponies was able to escape on its own, according to Battalion Chief Jeremy Unruh, and the other three were freed using the jaws of life.

The ponies, who have been transferred to the care of the owner’s veterinarian, escaped with few injuries, reports say that one pony suffered a leg injury. This is nothing compared to what could have happened. Owner Betty Smith says that it was a miracle that all four ponies survived.

Over two dozen people came to the ponies’ aide, including family, neighbors and emergency response teams. With their help, the ponies were able to be rescued from underneath the barn.

Among the emergency responders were Animal Control. The Hutchinson police Department, and four fire units, according to Unruh.

One woman who came to help reported receiving a minor hand injury while helping to free the ponies.


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