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City Offers Amnesty for Unpaid Traffic Citations

City Offers Amnesty for Unpaid Traffic Citations

 The City of Wichita Municipal Court offers amnesty to drivers with suspended licenses due to unpaid traffic tickets from Dec. 4 until Dec. 30.

Restricted drivers’ licenses will be available to those participating in the amnesty program. The program allows neglected traffic citation payments to be made without the threat of arrest or the inclusion of any additional fees.

Approximately 8,000 licenses are suspended by the Municipal Court for failure to pay traffic tickets annually, according to the Municipal Court Administrator, Donte Martin.

The Municipal Court is encouraging citizens taking advantage of the program to apply for a restricted license from the State of Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV.) A restricted licenses allow drivers to legally commute to and from work, school, medical appointments or emergencies, parole or probation meetings and required court-related destinations.

Residents’ licenses will be reinstated if all payments have been made within a year. The Kansas Department of Revenue’s website allows residents to check the status of a driver’s license as well as obtain applications for a restricted driver’s license.

Located at City Hall, 455 N. Main, the Amnesty Program will begin at 9 a.m. and run through 4 p.m. on Dec. 4.  The Kansas DMV staff will be available to answer questions relating to license suspensions. DMV Staff will also be able to assist eligible drivers with obtaining a restricted license

The Amnesty Program is a partnership between the City of Wichita, the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles, Sunflower Community Action and Workforce Alliance.

Drivers with suspended licenses who wish to participate are to visit the Municipal Court Clerk or call 268-4120. Amnesty will not be offered outside of the Dec. 4 through Dec. 30 period.


Ashley Aulbach


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