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Nissan Tests Self-Driving Car

Nissan Tests Self-Driving Car

Nissan tested a prototype for a self-driving car on Tuesday. The previously routed test ride took place in Tokyo Japan, and included several routine driving functions, such as maneuvering across a bridge, making turns, changing lanes and even stopping at traffic lights. Though a human driver was present for the entirety of the test drive, all of these actions were completed without any driver assistance. The vehicle exercised extreme caution, and always maintained the posted speed limit. When slowing down to perform more complicated tasks such as crossing oncoming traffic, the car seemed to process the information before acting.  The vehicle’s design accounts for pedestrians, and the car is designed to stop if a pedestrian is detected in the roadway.

During the course of the test ride, human interference was only necessary once, as the car was unable to recognize an unclearly drawn line on the road.  Nissan is currently planning to feature autonomous driving option on its vehicles as early as 2020.

Ashley Aulbach


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