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HOT TAKE: KISS was better in the 80’s

Kiss was better in the 80’s. The farewell tour was if nothing else, a letdown. For true die hard Kiss fans there may have been some nostalgia aspect that I was not tapping into, but something about watching 50-year-old men hobble around in face paint playing power chords for 2 hours was not enjoyable for me. Perhaps this simply wasn’t my era of music and I was not aware of what was hip at the time, but most every song had the same tempo, energy, and style. Little to no variation. 

Perhaps the only impressive part of the tour, was the production team. Whoever the production manager for this tour was, deserves a raise. Pyrotechnics, graphics, video, and lights/sound were on point and did not disappoint. It is a big task to make these guys seem impressive and to someone who is not from a music background, they may have accomplished this. Any big arena show is going to be impressive in some aspect (hopefully, I mean that’s why they are selling out arenas) but am I irrational for expecting it to be the artist themselves? It was a big letdown.  

Isaac Penner

Isaac Penner

Isaac Penner is a freelance graphic designer and musician/producer that has been heavily involved in the music scene in Wichita for the past 6 years.  He has toured with groups such as Cassette Academy and David Ladwig and the Up and Ups and has developed a reputation as a promoter for quality music in the Wichita area.

Twitter: @isaacpenner1

Insta: @isaacpenner2



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