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Chainsmokers bring bass to Wichita

The duo of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart brought Wichita to their feet during their first time in Wichita Saturday night for the 2019 World War Joy Tour. The show was action-packed complete with dancers, flying cages, and on-stage motorcycles. Drew Taggart flew across the stage hyping up his fans as heavy bass drops complimented the iconic synth sound that made the Chainsmokers famous with hits like Something Just Like This, and Closer. The group was joined by famous Australian Pop Rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, who brought a sizeable fan base with them as well. Together with Canadian country-pop icon Lennon Stella, the tour brought energy, athleticism, and nostalgia. 

5 Seconds of Summer was the premier opener of the tour and started things off hot with hits such as She Looks So Perfect, and Amnesia. They were met with thousands of screaming fans of all ages. Frontman, and Harry Styles look-a-like, Luke Hemmings kept the show very high energy with perfect runs and a raspy mid-range that can only be compared to that of Joe Jonas. 

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have quickly become the Forbes 2019 highest paid DJ’s dethroning Calvin Harris after his 6-year reign. The Chainsmokers fulfilled every promise made by their legacy and delivered a jaw-dropping performance Saturday night. The show started with a lit pillar system slowly being lowered onto the stage and a loud thumping bass line felt in everyone’s chest. Songs such as Takeaway, and a cover of Mo Bamba, had everyone on the floor jumping up and down and singing along as Drew floated across the walkway into the crowd. Aggressive drum fills accompanied by technical beat turnovers captured the attention of EDM enthusiasts far and wide.


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