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WSU Launches Virtual Guardian Smartphone App

WSU Launches Virtual Guardian Smartphone App

Wichita State is launching a free app for Apple and Android that will further increase campus safety. The app, called Rave Guardian, turns any smartphone into a personal safety device, and allows users to virtually walk each other home.

Rave Guardian will enhance the safety of students, faculty and staff using the app both on and off campus.

Once a user has downloaded the app, he or she is able to create a profile of information about themselves. Users can also invite family and friends to join their safety network, requesting “guardians” to walk with them on or off campus. The Wichita State University Police Department (UPD) can also be listed as a guardian.

The app is ideal for those leaving class at night or going on a date, for example. Each user can set the amount of time they expect it to take to reach their destination and add guardians to his or her timer session.

Once the user arrives safely, he or she can simply deactivate the timer. If the timer runs out and the session expires, the app will notify the guardian(s) the user has selected.

Users electing not to list UPD as a guardian should coordinate with their guardians ahead of time and develop a plan in case the session expires. For example, should the guardian contact you, the police or someone else?

For those who list UPD as a guardian, the UPD will only have access to the user’s information and location if a session expires, if the user deactivate his or her PIN number with the Duress code or makes an emergency call.

In the unlikely event that a user is coerced into deactivating the  Safety Timer session, instead of entering the regular PIN, he or she can enter a Duress PIN, which will immediately put the session into Alert status and will contact the UPD.

Each user’s duress PIN is the designated PIN number plus one, e.g., if your PIN is 1234 your duress PIN would be 1235.

Location services must be enabled for any guardian to pinpoint your location in an emergency.


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