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Golf Etc. Puts New Spin on Wichita Golf


Wichita area golfers looking to improve their game may be able to do just that thanks to new golfing technology offered by Wichita golf retailer, Golf Etc. Golf Etc. has recently brought a new club fitting technology to the Wichita market.

What started as a vision is now a reality for Golf Etc. owner Chris Hamman, who now offers club fitting to customers every day. Hamman says that while the process may be simple, it is also highly technical.

“We start with a golfer’s current equipment, so if they were doing a driver fitting, we would start with their driver, we would establish a baseline of their swing, of how they impact the golf ball when they swing their driver. Based on measurements we take of the golfer and what they’re doing to the golf ball, we then start fitting them into equipment that fits their swing better and comparing the results back to their initial baseline to make sure that we’re improving,” Hamman said.  

Golf Etc. has added to their services, now offering a brand new putter fitting option.

“The market is becoming more and more aware and knowledgeable about what launch monitors do in club fitting, but what we’ve established here, now, is a launch monitor for putting. So we can see what the putter is doing, we can also see what happens to the golf ball when the golfer makes impact with the ball and puts on a putting stroke,” Hamman said.

During a standard fitting, several things are taken into consideration. In order to ensure improvement, all of the different aspects of the golf club are analyzed. This includes the flex of the shaft, the length of the club, the weight of the shaft, the loft and launch that the club puts on the ball, ball speed and spin, which is one of the most important considerations according to Hamman.

Though club fitting may seem like an option only for elite golfers, Hamman says that golfers of any skill level can benefit from using a properly fitted club.

“We see golfers that are on the verge of PGA Tour type status and we also see beginners, so we feel like we can help almost every type of golfer whether it’s the low handicap or the mid or high handicap.” Said Hamman. “Oftentimes that mid to high handicap golfer is somebody that really needs help and has never invested in this type of technology.”

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