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Why hamsters are good pets

Why hamsters are good pets

Consider these seven benefits of having a hamster as a pet before deciding if it's the best choice for you.

Hamster comes in a variety.

There are many different sizes, colors, and forms of hamsters. The Syrian hamster, which is around six inches long and golden in color, is the most well-known kind. The Chinese, Roborovski, and Siberian types of smaller hamsters, which reach lengths of barely two to three inches and can be neatly held in the palm of your hand, come in a range of hues.

Hamsters only need a little training.

In contrast to cats or dogs, hamsters don't need a lot of training. No classes in obedience or litter box training are required! But hamsters benefit from routine socialization and handling to get to know you. A hamster can be ideal for you if you want a furry friend that requires less upkeep.

Hamsters don't need constant care.

Hamsters are often comfortable being left alone in their cage, yet they can appreciate quality playtime with their owner if they have enough room and toys. Taking a happy hamster for extended grooming procedures, daily walks, or training sessions is unnecessary. They don't require the same care and contact with people as dogs and cats.

However, remember that if you don't socialize with your hamster, especially at a young age, it can become more timid or wary of being touched.

Unlike conventional pets like cats and dogs, a hamster is part of the rodent family and requires additional know-how to care for them. To give your hamster the best care, learn about rodents at Petsvills here.

It's simple to clean up after hamsters.

You won't typically need to bathe your hamster unless you need to wash something off them because they are clean animals. They routinely clean themselves to maintain cleanliness and generally are quite particular about personal hygiene. This reduces your workload and makes for adorable viewing as they go about their daily routines.

Also, hamsters are great housekeepers. They typically designate one section of their cage as their bathroom, keeping the other parts of the cage somewhat tidy. Unlike some rodents, this makes cleaning up their home a breeze!

Owning Hamsters as Pets is Cheap

On top of being low-maintenance, buying a hamster won't be a financial burden. Although the total cost of all the supplies required to keep a happy hamster must be considered, it will still be much less than acquiring a cat or dog. Keeping hamsters is fairly inexpensive when the initial one-time costs, like the cage, are covered. The monthly hamster food, snacks, and bedding costs are manageable.

Naturally, just as with any pet, there can be unforeseen costs that you'll need to budget for, including vet bills. Before buying a hamster, research nearby exotic animal vets to see which one is closest to you and whether you are prepared to drive there if your pet gets sick.

Hamsters require little space.

You don't need a big yard or nearby park for your little friend to run around. Moreover, you won't require a large container or doghouse. You may get a hamster habitat that fits in your living area because it comes in various sizes. 

Make sure there is room for your hamster to climb and explore. The inside space of some plastic habitats can be expanded by attaching moveable tubes.

Easy to Groom

Hamsters are commonly kept as pocket pets because of their small size and ease of portability.. As you carry your hamster, make sure they are secure. They might break a leg if you drop them while moving or standing. Maintain a firm grip. 

This pet aren’t difficult to bathe or require high grooming costs. Your small pet will care for their grooming requirements, much like a cat, and maintain clean, fluffy fur. You may tell your hamster is grooming if you observe them licking and wiping their face with their tiny paws.

Frequently asked questions about hamsters.

What foods do hamsters prefer?

Hamsters enjoy whole-grain bread, cereals, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

What makes a hamster happy?

No matter what kind of cage you pick, your hamster will appreciate having a lot of space to roam and explore.

What foods should hamsters avoid eating?

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

Does the hamster enjoy napping?

Hamsters exhibit polyphasic sleep-wake rhythms, sleeping an average of 12 to 14 hours daily. This means they take multiple naps throughout the day. 

How can my hamster and I become closer?

To strengthen your relationship with your hamster, be patient, feed them frequently, engage in lots of playing outside their Habitat, and use gentle language. Always walk carefully up to your pet and speak to them conversationally. They'll get used to hearing and smelling you and find comfort in you.


Hamsters are just adorable. They are energetic creatures who enjoy learning new things and exploring their surroundings. This implies that you will become an integral part of their lives and that they will get to know you. Also, hamsters make fantastic, entertaining housemates because they have different personalities and routines.

Additionally, if you are considering a pet for your family, we suggest adopting it since there are hundreds of animals that need a loving home. We have listed here the Places to Adopt a Pet in Wichita if you are interested. Check it out because this might be where you can find your furry friend.


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