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Tips for Taking Your Pup Into Public Spaces: A Bare-Bones Guide

Tips for Taking Your Pup Into Public Spaces: A Bare-Bones Guide

For many people, taking their dogs into public spaces is a great way to experience the world with an animal they love. However, it can be nerve-wracking for both humans and dogs alike. If you and your canine companion could use some time out of the house, here’s a bare-bones guide to taking your dog out in public. 

Well-behaved breeds perfect for a day on the town

Some dog breeds are better suited for being out and about than others. Some of the best pups in public include Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Labrador retrievers, and Jack Russell terriers. Low-maintenance dogs like these are content to rest by your side as you catch brunch with the girls or wait for the tram. 

Use a harness instead of a collar

If you’re not already using one, consider investing in a harness before going on walks with your pup. A harness distributes pressure more evenly than a collar does and prevents choking if your dog pulls away from you during the trek. Harnesses are the perfect balance between maintaining control and letting your curious pup explore the great outdoors. 

Choose appropriate routes

Specific routes may be too crowded or busy for walking with your pet, as there will likely be cars and other animals present who could put them at risk. 

If you’re not sure about a route that you want to take, do your research. Look up news articles about recent incidents in the area, ask people who live nearby, and run a Google search to find pet-friendly businesses.

Keep your pet on a leash while walking

Leashes help keep your pup safe while also giving them freedom of motion to avoid getting overly tired out during the walk. Pick a lead that’s either retractable or very long so you can control where your dog goes without limiting their exploration. 

Keep your pet off of the sidewalk

If your pup likes to explore scents in his surroundings, consider keeping him on grass or dirt rather than concrete while walking. Concrete absorbs heat and cold, meaning it’s often too extreme for sensitive paw pads. 

Keep your dog well-groomed

Just like with human hair, long fur can be both beautiful and uncomfortable for your pup. Consider giving your lusciously-locked pooch regular haircuts, so they don’t overheat or snag their skin on the thick brush while walking in public areas. You might also want to invest in a pet-safe bug spray to keep insects from latching onto dog fur.

Invest in a plastic bag dispenser

Plastic bags can be helpful for everything, including groceries, picking up animal waste, and cleaning up after your pup during walks. To avoid carrying around an empty roll of bags with you everywhere, attach a multi-pocketed dispenser to the leash you use with your puppy.

Carry around some treats

Some dogs won’t come when called no matter what. If your dog is one of these headstrong types, consider carrying around a few treats on walks so it gets used to obeying commands in new environments. Treats can be helpful in distraction-proofing your dog (this is especially true on major holidays like the Fourth of July).

Wrap up

While there are many benefits to taking your canine companion out into public, it’s essential to do so in a way that’s safe for both you and your pet. By following the guide above, you can go for a pup-friendly stroll or brunch whenever you please. 


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