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Places to Adopt a Pet in Wichita

small dog wearing bandana

Pet adoption saves lives!

There are many animal rescue organizations in Wichita connecting pets in need with loving forever families. You can find hundreds of dogs, cats and hand pets for adoption across the metro area. Even if you're looking for a specific breed, adoption is an option. Wichita has breed-specific rescues, and purebred dogs and cats show up in shelters, too.

Apart from helping an animal in need, adopting a pet has other advantages. The adoption fee will typically include a spay/neuter, microchip and immunizations. Many local veterinarians donate an initial exam for adopted pets, too. All of these things add up to far more than the adoption fee. Rescues don't make money off pet adoptions; they rely on donations and fundraising.

If you're looking for a pet with specific characteristics, Petfinder and Adopt A Pet allow you to search databases of adoptable pets by age, size, breed and more. Do keep in mind that not all local rescues participate in these databases, so check out rescues individually, too!

Here is a list of where to find adoptable pets in Wichita.

Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL)

A puppy and a kitten sit close

WAAL is a foster-based rescue for dogs, cats and pocket pets (rabbits, guinea pigs and hedgehogs). Because the animals live in foster homes, WAAL is well-equipped to tell you about their behavior and how they get along with kids and other pets in a home environment.

You can view adoptable pets and fill out an application on the WAAL website. Once you're pre-approved, the rescue will connect you with the foster to visit the pet you're interested in or recommend potential matches.

Beauties and Beasts

dog and cat resting

Beauties and Beasts is an "11th hour rescue" that helps dogs and cats in dire need. Most are pulled from the euthanasia list at the city shelter, and some have special needs. The animals live in foster homes, receiving the care they need to become happy, healthy, adoptable companions. The organization places a large emphasis on matching the right animal to the right forever home, and provides a lot of support during the integration process.

Beauties and Beasts' Facebook page is frequently updated with pet profiles and information about upcoming adoption events. They also have an up-to-date list of adoptable pets on their website. You can review the adoption process and fill out an application here.

Kansas Humane Society (KHS)

KHS is the oldest rescue organization in Wichita. They adopt out homeless animals from the connected Wichita Animal Shelter (WAS) as well as surrendered pets. There are always several dogs and cats to choose from, and often rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, rats and even birds!

The KHS website is kept up to date with adoptable animals. To adopt, go to the shelter in person and ask to visit the animals you're interested in. There may be a wait on busy days. If you find your match, you can complete the adoption process the same day. You can also place a hold on an animal if you need time to decide or if you're worried the animal you want may be gone before you can get to the shelter.

Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection (LAPP)

LAPP adopts out dogs and cats from their large kennel facility, local PetSmart adoption centers, and a network of foster homes. They have a large selection of adoptable pets. Since LAPP is a no-kill shelter, they have senior and special needs animals who need loving homes and might otherwise be overlooked.

LAPP often holds adoption events at local pet stores; you can find upcoming ones on their Facebook page. There is no one place online to see all their adoptable animals. You will need to call and make an appointment. An adoption counselor will take you through the facility and introduce you to the animals. You can fill out an adoption application ahead of time for a dog or cat.

PALS Animal Rescue

cat and dog together

PALS works with a small number of rescued dogs and cats, fostering them to become mature, well-behaved companions. Many of the animals are rescued from the city shelter, and they also work with reputable local and national pure breed rescues. PALS volunteers get to know the animals very well and take finding the right match seriously.

You can see adoptable pets on the PALS website, where you can also review the adoption process and fill out an application. PALS holds frequent meet-and-greets at local PetSmart stores—check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Joy Animal Rescue

beautiful rescue kitten

This cat-only rescue provides fostering and structured socialization to prepare kitties for their "furever" homes. The volunteers know each and every cat well and can offer support before, during and after the adoption.

Joy Animal Rescue doesn't have a website, but they list adoptable cats on Adopt a Pet. Their cats are frequently seen at local PetSmart and Petco adoption centers, too. Visit the Joy Animal Rescue Facebook page to contact them about adoption and stay in the know about upcoming events.

Caring Hands Humane Society (CHHS)

This pet rescue organization is in Newton, but you'll often meet some of their adoptable cats at local pet store adoption centers. They also have dogs and hand pets (rabbits, gerbils and guinea pigs).

You can review a list of current adoptable pets on the CHHS website. If you see a pet that strikes your fancy, fill out an adoption profile ahead of time and then go to the shelter. An adoption counselor can introduce you to the animals you're interested in, plus others that may be a good match. If you find the perfect pet, you can complete the adoption process on site.

Country Cats

orange cat

This cat rescue and sanctuary is located just outside Wichita in Andover. They don't have a website, but the organization's Petfinder profile has adoptable cats and contact information.

Big Hearts 4 Little Paws Foundation (BH4LP)

Also known as "Save the Kitties," this organization in Derby does just that. Most adoptable cats from BH4LP are saved from shelter euthanasia lists. You can see adoptable cats on their website, which also lists the open hours for the shelter facility. You can get to know their adoptable cats and keep track of upcoming events on their Facebook page.

Another Day Animal Sanctuary

adorable tabby kitten

This is a small cat-only rescue that knows the animals in their care very well. You'll bring a cat into your home already knowing their likes, dislikes, preferences, interactions and more. You can view adoptable cats and fill out an application on their website.

Kansas K-9 ResQ

smiling puppy

This foster-based dog rescue works with a small number of animals, helping them go from strays to happy, healthy companions ready for their forever homes. See adoptable dogs and start the application process on their website.

Wichita Pug Rescue

cute pug adoption

Looking for a Pug? You don't have to buy—adoption is an option. Wichita Pug Rescue rescues and rehomes Pugs in need through a network of loving foster homes. Visit their website to see available Pugs and fill out an adoption application.

Save the Giants (STG)

great pyrenees

STG is a small rescue for giant breed dogs! They are headquartered in Wichita but serve the entire state as well as Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. If you're looking for a Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Mastiff or Saint Bernard, check to see their available dogs. You can also review the adoption process and fill out an application.

MidAmerica Rottweiler Rescue (MARR)

rottweiler dog

MARR is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska but serves a regional area that includes Wichita. It is a rescue network of foster homes that seeks to connect Rottweilers in need with the right homes. Their website has a list of current adoptable dogs and instructions on how to start the adoption process.

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