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About Pet Insurance: The New Pet-Parent’s Guide

About Pet Insurance: The New Pet-Parent’s Guide

Are you a new pet-parent? Do you find yourself feeling just a bit overwhelmed and even confused by the thought of pet insurance? You’re not alone, as many pet-parents tend to get lost when it comes to the rules and regulations surrounding insurance for pets.

But we have great news for you. This handy guide will walk you through the intricacies of pet insurance to ensure that you are up to speed on what it is, how it works, and more.

The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is an excellent way to make sure your pet is covered in the event of any medical emergency. It provides you with peace of mind that, should anything happen to your furry friend, they will be taken care of. 

But it’s also ideal for providing your pet with ongoing care. Preventive care is key in keeping your pet healthy and happy. By having pet insurance in place, you will be more likely to take your pet to appointments and schedule routine care throughout the year.

In a world where vet bills can quickly get out of hand, insurance for pets offers some relief by taking off a substantial chunk of the cost. Sadly, many pet owners are forced to skip crucial vet appointments because of the cost. But with insurance, this is no longer a concern. 

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Pet insurance is a great investment for those who have pets and want the best care possible for their furry friends. After all, pets are an important member of the family, so it only makes sense to protect them with a policy that will pay for their vet bills and other costs. 

Today’s highest-quality insurance for pets is designed to be as comprehensive as human health insurance, minus the cost of monthly premiums. But not all insurance plans are designed to be so wide-ranging. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a plan that provides the most care.

A pet insurance policy typically covers sickness and injury, along with routine wellness visits. These insurance policies usually offer some type of reimbursement in the event your pet needs surgery or intensive treatment. There may also be coverage for routine check-ups and vaccinations. 

The types of coverage you receive depend on the policy you purchase. But it's always worth checking out what your specific plan offers before purchasing a new one.

Who Needs Pet Insurance?

Insurance can be a great option for pet lovers who want to ensure that their furry friends get the best medical care possible. By getting insurance for your pet, you are guaranteeing that your animal friend will receive quality attention should any illness or injury occur.

But with the right insurance policy, you can be sure to provide your pet with preventive care. And in doing so, you can potentially minimize the need for more serious veterinary visits.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

When it comes to insurance for your pet, the premium you pay is typically based on your pet’s age and breed, geographical location, and the type of coverage you choose.

You can budget for insurance by calculating how much each medical procedure would cost without insurance and then using that as a guideline to determine what level of coverage you want.

For example, let’s say your dog has a serious blockage and your vet charges $1,300 for an endoscopy. As a new pet-parent, you might be forced to think twice about whether you can go through with the essential treatment.

But by delaying the inevitable, your dog gets in really bad shape and has to have emergency surgery to have his life. This ultimately causes your veterinary expenses to more than double, totaling more than $3,000—all of which you have to pay out of pocket.

With comprehensive insurance for your pet, your veterinary costs are minimal. Since you were able to agree to the necessary surgery right away, your vet was able to remedy the situation through less invasive means.

As a result, you paid just $1,700 for everything the vet did. But here’s the great part. Having a pet insurance provider means they reimburse for a significant portion of the vet bill. By the time you’ve been paid back, you only paid a mere $170 to save your dog’s life.

What about Pre-Existing Conditions?

At first, pet insurance won’t cover pre-existing conditions. But after seeing that the pre-existing condition is curable or if your pet hasn’t displayed symptoms for 180 days, your insurance plan will kick in and cover your pet’s condition if it starts giving it problems again.

The only conditions that aren’t included are those that involve the hind leg ligament or knee. Other than that, you can rest easy knowing your pet has the coverage it deserves.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Life and Love

Insurance is a must-have for any new pet-parent. Don’t delay in gifting your pet with the medical coverage and care needed for a healthy and happy life.


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