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How Parents Can Teach Children Read Books

How Parents Can Teach Children Read Books

One of the most essential things that parents can do for their children is to encourage them to read at an early age. 

The importance of reading 

The earlier a child starts learning to read, the better off they will be in the long run. Reading opens up a world of opportunities for children and allows them to learn new things at their own pace.

Reading helps children develop communication skills, promotes literacy, and encourages a love of learning. Early exposure to books helps children develop a better understanding of the world. Besides, it makes them more likely to become successful readers themselves.

Another advantage of teaching children to read at an early age is that it contributes to their future academic success. Children who learn to read early will have an easier time starting school and will be better prepared for reading and writing challenges.

You can find many ways to encourage your children to read. One way is to make sure there are plenty of books in the home for children to choose from. You can also take your children to the library or local bookstore and let them pick out books that they are interested in. It is also important to read with children regularly, and this can be done at bedtime, during breakfast, or any other time that works for the family. By taking the time to read with their children, parents are helping to create a lifelong love of learning.

How to have more time?

Some young people need to combine parenthood, work and their studies. And the question is  “How to find time for everything?” This may be really difficult to combine your own education, career and taking care of children. Hence, you should use some helpful tools for students, like automatic citation generators and plagiarism checkers. You should also turn to online resources that provide paper samples. The websites similar to Gradesfixer collected a lot of satire essays and research papers in different disciplines, so you can have a look at them to learn how to complete your assignment. If you use all the free materials available on the web, you can significantly save your time and devote it to your children. 

Teaching your kid to read

Below are some of the most effective ways to help your offspring learn reading. Check them now!

Identify letters around

Parents often want to force their children to memorize letter names. They buy special flashcards or DVDs aimed to teach letters. But unfortunately, this strategy usually doesn’t work as it doesn’t seem natural to little ones. Instead, you can take advantage of the “teachable moments” as they come along in natural settings. 

Note that young minds are like sponges and you can use this feature for the best long-term results. We are surrounded by letters everywhere and at some point, your child will be curious about the print they see around him and will start asking questions about them. That’s actually your chance to jump in and teach your child something that seems significant to them. 

Use decoding

In our context decoding means “sounding it out.”  Once your little one has learned the sounds of each letter in real and meaningful situations, they are ready to start putting words together. In fact, one needs to have strong phonemic awareness skills for successful decoding. As your child keeps decoding words, they will become better at automatically identifying them. 

According to some studies, it may take about 1-4 exposures of decoding before a certain word is transferred to long-term memory. Just after that, it can be automatically retrieved in any situation. Typically, this process is quite tedious, so you should find some creative ways to make it fun for your kids. For example, you can use finger puppets to point to the letters while decoding. 

Be an example

It’s a well-known fact that children follow their parents in everything they do. Even if your kid is interested in books now, their fascination may quickly disappear after some time if they don’t see the right reading model at home. So in case you are not an avid reader, you shouldn’t expect that from your child. Therefore, try to make a conscious effort so that your children can see you reading every day.

No matter what you choose to read, it can be anything including a newspaper, cookbook or a novel. Most importantly is to demonstrate to your child that you do it on a regular basis. You will see that at some point your kid will mimic your behavior by grabbing a book and trying to read it.


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