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Local Gift Ideas for Guys - Part 1

Shopping for dads, grandpas and guys in general is tough. I have a few safe bets for you this holiday season though. On top of that, these gift ideas all support local businesses. Today, I want to focus on BBQ.

Dudes love to grill. It's primal, there's fire and you get to eat. BBQ grills are one of those things you only think about in the summer, but it's a great gift for Christmas. The only thing you really need to know is if your griller (aka husband, dad, uncle, etc.) is a charcoal guy or gas guy.

I happen to love charcoal because I like the flavor... and the big flames you get to make. Charcoal is a little harder to get started, especially in the Kansas wind. So if your gift is for someone who is impatient, the convenience of a push button gas grill might be better. Charcoal may cost a little more over the long run, because you do have to buy a new bag every time you cook. But, don't forget you have to refill the gas from time to time.

If you just picked up a new grill this summer, think about adding a pellet grill to the cooking arsenal. Pellet grills let you cook flavor into your BBQ with a variety of flavored pellets ranging from your basic hickory or mesquite, to really unique flavors such as cherry bbq, pecan and apple. It's a whole new twist on grilling. Plus, can you really have too many grills?

In Wichita, All Things BBQ is a great spot to find a new grill or smoker. 

If a grill is out of the budget, don't forget accessories like new utensils, veggie baskets, lights, burger presses or some new sauces and rubs. Believe me, you won't have to wait until summertime to enjoy BBQ again with gifts in this category. If you hand me a new burger press and seasoning, I'm going to grill, no matter what the temperature is outside.

Sauces and rubs you can pick up about anywhere. I might suggest another great local business that specializes in BBQ though. Salvy Sousa is based in Wichita and they have some really tasty sauces with cool bottles and fun names like OMG BBQ, Boom Boom Hot Sauce and Rev It Up Ketchup. You can buy Salvy Sousa online, or at several local shops listed here http://www.salvysousa.com/locations

Last but not least... meat. I assure you it's a great gift! We typically just hit the local Dillons store for burgers and things. But why not enjoy a really nice cut of meat for the holidays? S & S Meats is one local spot you can get some really great steaks, burgers, k-bobs and filets. The best part is the whole family gets to enjoy this one. There is a catch, you may have to get crafty on how to wrap this one.

That's it for today! Next time we'll talk about the gift of beer.


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