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The Starting Block

Although the weather is getting colder, swim season is just heating up for local Wichita high schools! The Starting Block is the center for everything swimming.

The Starting Block is the largest team provider for swim teams around the area for both club and high school swimming. They have a large variety of colors, styles, and patterns of swim suits to choose from. Speedo is their largest brand but they also carry TYR for triathlon participants. In addition to swim suits, The Starting Block also has water shoes, goggles, caps, towels, training aids, lifeguard suits and much more. Check out some of the pictures I took to see a little bit of what they have to offer. There is merchandise for children, men, and women so all your swimming needs can be met in one place.

The Starting Block is a local, family owned business that serves Wichita and the surrounding area. There are two locations, one on the east side of town located inside of Wichita Swim Club, and a west side location located on Maize Rd. 

Whether you need practice suits, racing suits, team suits, or goggles, you can find it at the Starting Block.

Take a look at these tips for buying & wearing swimwear for competitive or fitness swimmers:

  1. Look for brand names such as Speedo. If they have been on the market this long, they must be doing something right. (The Starting Block has a large selection of Speedo suits for both boys and girls)
  2. Pay attention to fabric. You want to make sure you buy a suit that lasts. This is another reason why name brand swimsuits are good because others fade and fray.
  3. Make sure the suit is not too tight, but not too loose. (you don’t want to create any extra drag)
  4. Prerinse your swimsuit. After wearing your suit, rinse it out to remove the chlorine even before washing.
  5. Wash your suit by hand and let it air dry. Heat may cause shrinking and the colors of the suit to fade.

Click here to read more about what you can do to make your swimsuit last.

With all these tips in mind, visit The Starting Block and one of their knowledgeable employees can help you find the perfect swimsuit. 

by Hannah Kern


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