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The perfect gift for women: Real diamond jewelry

The perfect gift for women: Real diamond jewelry

Stuck for ideas to get that special someone in your life? Or maybe you want to lay a hint in the November days running up to Christmas? We’ve got you covered. Conveniently leave this article open on the coffee table and we’ll do the rest in our guide to why you should buy diamond jewelry.

They’re classic

Diamond jewelry is a great option for a gift because they never go out of style. Diamonds are timeless. They go with just about every outfit and elevate every outfit while we’re at it. Diamonds have been around for 3.4 billion years, and are likely to be around for another 3.4 billion years which means you can expect diamonds to be a part of that Blade Runner cosplay you’re imagining the future us to be wearing in the far-off time of 2030.  

They’re expensive

A diamond is worth its price tag if you keep it forever, which you’re likely to do for the price tag alone. But there’s no getting away from the fact that the lack of supply of the rarest gem and the high demand of the most popular gem makes for an extra zero or two added to the price. But this isn’t to the detriment of diamonds. They have become the go-to for a special present for someone special due to this price tag. If you’re looking to show the person you love that you care, you can put in the zeros.

However, if the wallet simply won’t allow it, there are alternatives. You can find affordable diamond jewelry gifts here, or look into moissanite diamonds as an equally beautiful alternative.

They’re forever

Not to borrow too much from a James Bond song, but diamonds are forever. They are the hardest material and they are expensive, so they’re not about to become a victim of fast fashion anytime soon. That 3.4-billion-year timestamp means that you’re not about to just toss them out as the trends change.

Instead, a diamond ring doubles as an heirloom. You’re not likely to last as long as a diamond will, so it makes a nice gesture to pass it down. Maybe pass it on to a son who needs an engagement ring, or a gift, or pass it to a daughter who wants an heirloom, or a family memento. And it’s the 21st century – she can propose with it too.

They have symbolic meaning

However, care has to be taken when presenting someone you love with a diamond ring. Unless you know what you’re doing, don’t do it, say, on one knee?

For centuries, the permanence and expense of diamonds has carried with it the symbolism of marriage, which we have obviously carried into modern marriage proposals. But it might interest you to know that it goes back further than you might imagine. They were a sign of love in ancient Greece and Rome, and the tradition of the diamond engagement ring starts in 1477 with the Archduke Maximilian of Austria giving his betrothed a diamond engagement ring.

No one is saying you need to be tying, or suggesting tying, the knot to give your other half a diamond ring, just maybe be clear of your intentions before you get their hopes up. Maybe make it an untraditional cut, color, or setting to make it a lovely present at Christmas.


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