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RompHim: The Latest Male Fashion Craze

RompHim Men Wearing Romper

Whether you’re a dude whose summer fun consists of going to the gym, gallivanting around the lake, leisurely strolling with your dog or going to concerts and bars; there’s only one outfit you need to do all of those things ... and it’s called the RompHim. You might be thinking, “This is ridiculous. What are they going to come up with next?” But, it’s actually not new. Have you seen James Bond wearing a romper in ‘64? ‘Cause we have, and it was anything but ridiculous. Bring the irresistible style back and get romped this summer in a new RompHim.

Old Man RomperOne-piece clothing has a long history of being both practical and avant-garde. Originally for parachutists and skydivers, the first jumpsuits for everyday wear were designed in the early 20th century as a subversive rebellion to the high-class fashions of the time. They quickly became a sci-fi staple, evoking the idea of an androgynous future, where both men and women would hop into their simple one-piece, zip it up and get down to the business of exploring new galaxies. While your summer plans may not involve any rocket ships, we think that rompers are the perfect modern alternative for whatever adventures do come along. They’re comfy and cutting-edge all at the same time. Who could ask for anything more?

Cam Newton in RomperNow, we know this outfit isn’t for every dude, but we’re big advocates and it’s not just because of Cam Newton over here.  But, with all the backlash a simple summer outfit has received, all we have to say is, “You don’t have to wear it.” Societal norms tell us that we have women’s clothes and we have men’s clothes, but why? Fashion is an unhinged way to express yourself, be an individual, stand out, be creative, communicate ideas … It’s a way of life. We all have to wear clothes (or so they say), so let people wear what they like. If people want your opinion, they’ll ask.

Listen to the Experts

As women, we know rompers. We feel men who are hopping on the romper train need to take a few pointers from the experts—so let’s talk about the upsides and the downsides. The upsides include basically everything, but we’ll stick to the main points.

#1. Have way less clothes and way more closet space. Quality over quantity.
#2. You’ll never spend another second trying to match two pieces of clothing together.
#3. They’re great for when you want maximum handsome with minimal effort.

Now for the downsides that women don’t mind dealing with because rompers are just that amazing.

#1. Getting completely naked in order to go to the bathroom (unless it comes with a convenient zipper fly).
#2. Butt cheeks or other body parts may be visible at any given moment.
#3. It can be hard to find one that works with your proportions (but that just means there needs to be more options!).

Other Male Romper Brands

We definitely aren’t playing favorites with the RompHim brand, as there are several other brands you should familiarize yourself with. Sheehan and Company choose not to call them men's rompers but rather the traditional name, men's jumpsuits. Whether you like your jumpsuit to be hunter green, camo or tightly fit like long underwear—we hope you aren’t on a budget.Males in Rompers

Male rompers are also coming to Reebok with the name “ReeRomp.” The outfit comes with short sleeves and a hood, according to sketches on Reebok’s website, and they’re priced just less than $100. The ReeRomp is expected to be available in June.Reebok Romper

So, as you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you’re a man who enjoys floral and different shades of pink, there’s a romper for you; and if you’re a man who enjoys camo and shades of dark colors, there is also a romper for you. Romp on.


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