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Great Deals in September

Great Deals in September

There’s a best time of the year to buy various items. Here’s a shopping guide for items you can get good deals on in the month of September.




At the tail end of summer, following Labor Day weekend, many airlines will drop their prices up until traffic picks back up for the holidays.


Next year's models debut in the fall, so you can get good deals on last year's models as dealers look to clear inventory.




Lawn Mowers

As the temperature begins to drop, so does the need to mow the lawn. Snag some great deals on lawn mowers so you're prepped for next year.


Cook up the best tasting burgers and steaks at your tailgate parties and save a little doing it. Another tale end of summer item that sees a discount.



Apple just announced this year's product line up, so if you don't mind having last year's models you can look forward to some great discounts once the new models hit the shelves.

Things to Hold off on

Things to Hold off on


Best time to book a cruise is in January as cruise lines will be looking to fill their next year.

Fall/Winter Clothing

These will see there best prices after Christmas.

Video Games

Most new video game titles will launch in the coming months so, to be at the cutting edge or see some good deals on older versions hold off for now.


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