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Wichita's Biggest Foods

Everyone has that friend that’s a bottomless pit when it comes to eating. From burgers to pizza and burritos bigger than their faces, they can put it away without ever gaining a pound. Doesn’t matter the type of food, they will have finished eating theirs before you’ve even finished Instagramming yours. We collected Wichita’s biggest and over the top foods and drinks specifically with “that” friend in mind.

Big Pizzas

Big Pizzas

AJ's Superdome Pizza

“Every pizza is a personal pan pizza if you believe in yourself and try real hard”

AJ's Sports Grill

AJ’s serves up a 29-inch monstrosity of a pizza. They call it "The Superdome" Each weighs in at around 10 pounds and is supposed to serve 11 people. They come in a variety of topping styles to appease anyone's palate.

Costs: $37.99-$47.99


Picasso’s Pizzeria

Picasso’s offers up their “Ginormous” New York style thin crust 26" pizza baked in a brick oven. You can build your own creation or choose from their “Slices of Art”specialties. They do request orders for Ginormous pizzas be put in an hour in advance.  

Cost: $31.50-$46.95



Big Burgers

Big Larry’s

With “Big” in the name, it is safe to assume their food is going to be big as well. Big larry’s in Valley center, has portions that are colossal for just the “normal” menu items. Those who are brave can attempt to eat “The Big Larry” a 10 patty beast of a burger. You can try and up the patty count on the burger if you dare and set your own record.

Cost: $45.99



For a behemoth burger, a little closer to home Wichitans can give “The Beast” a try. Weighing in at 2 pounds it’s a more manageable

Cost $21.99


Bionic Burger

For a “middle ground” between the Big Larry and the beast bionic burger serves up their Triple $6 million burgers, a two and a quarter pound construction of beef and cheese.

Cost: $16.65


Big Drinks

Big Drinks

Flaming Cazuela From Felipe's

Bite me BBQ

If you’re gonna order a bloody mary to cure a hangover, you might as well get one that feeds you as well. Bite me BBQ offers a Bloody Mary that comes with garnishes such as a burnt end, barbecue rib, a hotlink slider, okra, cucumbers, cheese and celery.


Felipe’s Mexican Grill

Felipe's concocted a massive drink so popular they even went so far as to trademark it! The Flaming Cazuela™ is the house specialty drink served in a handmade bowl (like the size you normally put a family portion of mashed potatoes in). Its meant for 2+ people and is Made with lemon, lime, orange & grapefruit juices, tequila, vodka, rum & triple sec and a few of Felipe's secret ingredients. It's “Truly, a Fiesta in a bowl!”



The "Chicken Choker" comes in a 32 oz version of their Signature drink featuring five different rums plus Pineapple and Cranberry Juice, and Grenadine. Made to be enjoyed by 2+ people.


Other Noteworthy Foods

Other Noteworthy Foods

Hurts Donut's "Big Mouth"

Hurts Donut

The Big Mouth Donut is meant to serve 8-10 people and is closer to the “donut” on your car in size. It can be made in any variety you may like but you’ll need to give them a 24-hour heads up.


Mizu Sushi

While the food itself isn’t massive in size the portions can be. Mizu Sushi offers an All you can eat sushi special for $12.99 with the only restrictions being a 2-hour time limit and you must finish your current helping before ordering more. Any “leftovers” are added to your tab at 50 cents a piece. This special is available only from 11am-3pm.



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