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Wichita's Best Steakhouses

Psst, wanna know a secret? Wichita has some really great, independent, non-chain, chef-inspired steakhouses that are recognized and ranked nationally. That’s only the saucy part of the secret.

The real meaty part is you’ll only pay half to one-third of the price compared to similar high-end steakhouses throughout the country. Remember, you’re in Wichita baby, and your dollar goes a long way. So whether you’re a Wichita lifer or just visiting, plan to live it up more and hopscotch around town enjoying the extraordinarily different experiences of Wichita’s great steakhouses.

Scotch & Sirloin

The Scotch & Sirloin

First on the list is Wichita’s first and original, known amongst natives as just, "The Scotch." If you’re looking for the best prime rib, perhaps in the world, look no further. And if you’re really looking for an experience, ask for the Tomahawk, which is remarkable to see. This 36 to 42 ounce, 100 percent prime and marbled cut is aged an amazing 60 days. History has it that only ONE person has ever completed this beast in one sitting.

Long gone are the red velvet days of the go-go 70s, as The Scotch has been recently updated to compete nationally. However, pay attention and you’ll see vestiges of days-gone-by and wonder, oh, if only these walls could talk. The Scotch is located inconspicuously off Kellogg in a non-descript area, which only teases the extraordinary meal and experience awaiting you inside.

Chester's Chophouse

Chesters Chophouse

Now, if you’re looking for that oh-so-lovely, buttery, cut-with-a-fork filet mignon, head to Chester’s. Chester’s is located on the swanky Waterfront on Webb just north of 13th Street. Owned and operated by Chef Bobby Lane, Chester’s will also have surprises for every taste at the table. The chef plays with daily deliveries of freshness from both coasts and augments the menu with special seasonal finds, including veal, duck and, who knows? That’s the point.

Sit outside to enjoy the lake and the newest skyline to grace Wichita.

AVI Seabar

AVI Seabar

Associated with The Drury Hotel downtown, AVI is known for their mouthwatering 16-ounce ‘Chophouse’ rib eye with blue cheese crust. But first, be sure to start with the jumbo lump crab cakes. Even those who don’t usually prefer crab cakes will love these, made with spicy roasted tomato-garlic aioli. No fishy taste here.

Siena Tuscan

Siena Tuscan

Siena Tuscan Steakhouse, located in the Ambassador Hotel, is amongst the more gentile in Wichita. Don’t expect huge portions. Simply, savor. Siena Tuscan never boasts, but it should.

Every dish is chef inspired and a work of art on its own, though simply. And isn’t that hard to achieve? In addition to the usual steak fare, experiment with the short rib ravioli and pappardelle with braised rabbit from Leon, Kansas.

And if you’re up to it, visit Wichita’s only speakeasy, downstairs. Be sure to know the rules before heading down!

6S Steakhouse

 6S Steakhouse

Recently opened 6S, think “success,” offers a remarkable service and visual experience uncommon from the rest. The service is classic, as once saved for old-world cruise ships, cross-country trains and member-only, tie-required clubs. For that alone, 6S is worth the visit. Plus, it competes with Siena for “best modern décor award,” and wins by featuring one of the finest Wichita murals in the city.

Start with the beef tenderloin tartare complete with quail egg. If your table is up for it, splurge on the Sedgwick Seafood Tower, a ceviche with a pound of lobster, 8 oysters, 8 clams, and prawns. Then, settle in with Wichita’s best porterhouse steak, all 28 ounces of it.

6S is the only west-side steakhouse in this group. It’s just beyond the Sedgwick County Zoo on Zoo Boulevard, very easy to get to and worth it.


Special Mentions

Both Greystone and Fireside Grille will never disappoint. Greystone is in northeast Wichita at Webb and 29th Street. Just south of that, back at Waterfront, is Fireside Grille.

Psst, share these secrets with a few friends. Better, invite them with you. The question will be, as always, who’s paying? In Wichita, great steaks are a lot less painful.

(Fine print: how much the group enjoys the wine and spirit menus of these fine establishments is a different matter entirely when it comes to the check.)


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