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Wichita's Best Bloody Marys

The bars and restaurants of Wichita offer an incredible array of ways to enjoy the Bloody Mary. After our extensive tour, our conclusion is that there cannot be only one ‘Best Bloody Mary’ in Wichita.

So we cheated...here are our winners in each of the categories we basically made up:

Best Classic Bloody Mary

The first Bloody Mary is said to have been served up at Harry’s New York bar in Paris nearly 90 years ago, consisting of vodka, tomato juice, celery salt and a stalk of celery. This basic mix has been served at Wichita’s Candle Club for over 50 years. Like many things at this members’ only Wichita institution, it’s a timeless classic. Enjoy it with the Candle Club’s ‘Breakfast For Lunch’ special or as a late nightcap.

Best Breakfast Bloody Mary

Drinking cocktails at breakfast is commonly shunned in popular society, but the Bloody Mary has somehow managed to become a perfectly acceptable drink to order among polite company at 9 a.m. When hitting the sauce early in the morning we preferred ours to not be too spicy or too ‘chunky’ and so the Bloody Mary’s we found at Public at The Brickyard were a perfect fit! (The fact that we were able to pair our cocktail alongside a decadent breakfast of eggs benedict helped make this our breakfast champ.)

Best Value Bloody Mary

Magoos Bar & Grill on South Oliver in Wichita does $4 Bloody Mary’s all day on Sunday’s! A great price and pretty darn tasty too!

Best ‘Made From Scratch’ Bloody Mary

The Hotel at Old Town lobby bar makes their own from scratch. No mixes here...Rebecca mixes up her own secret recipes. She’s even got her own levels of spiciness, so be prepared to answer some questions and get your Bloody Mary mixed just to your liking!

Best ‘Bloody Mary As A Meal’

Bite Me BBQ serves their Bloody Mary in a large beer mug with a spare rib, hot link in a bun, burnt end, cheese cube along with celery, okra, and olives to ensure you get your veggies!

Best ‘Build Your Own’ Bloody Mary Bar

Mike’s Wine Dive sets up an incredible array of items to make your own Bloody Mary every Sunday. Spice it up with nearly a dozen different sauces and build a tower of veggies on long skewers to make your cocktail the envy of everyone at your table!

Bonus: Attend Blooms, Brews and Bloody Marys at Botanica

If you’re a real Bloody Mary fan, you’ll also want to attend the annual Blooms, Brews and Bloody Mary’s fundraiser event at Botanica! In May of each year, hundreds gather in the lush gardens of Botanica to try Bloody Mary’s from dozens of bars and restaurants across the region.


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