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Two Olives Offers Two Distinct Dining Styles

If you’re planning a date or a special occasion dinner, Two Olives is a great option for you to consider.

While it is a great option for a nice night out, the restaurant offers a completely different experience at lunchtime.

Totally transforming its serving style and ambiance between meals, Two Olives brings two very distinct dining styles and a whole new concept to the face of Wichita dining.

“It’s very much a flexible atmosphere,” said Joseph Toubia of Two Olives. “For dinner, you can take someone for a nice date, and for lunch, where people can quickly grab a from-scratch meal for $10 and under.”

Revolutionizing Wichita Dining

The owners of Two Olives were instrumental in introducing fine dining to Wichita. Groomed by their brother, Antoine Toubia who has been widely recognized for changing the face of dining in Wichita, they have been cooking side by side for decades at Wichita’s breakthrough establishments. Leaders at Wichita's Olive Tree, the first fine dining establishment in the city, the owners of Two Olives have won prestigious accolades in the careers, including the Wine Spectator's Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for offering an outstanding wine list; a DIRONA, the award of excellence from Distinguished Restaurants of North America,  a once-in-a-restaurant-lifetime-achievement-award; and an AAA Four diamond award, becoming the first restaurant in the state to earn this distinction and receiving it multiple times; as referenced in a Wichita Business Journal article

Full-Service Dinner

The owners of Two Olives continue to offer the upscale, formal dining style for which they are known during dinnertime while cultivating a much more casual atmosphere during lunch. If you visit Two Olives in the evening, you'll find a full-service restaurant with an outstanding dinner menu. Featuring a variety of seasonal entrées specials, a well-curated wine list, artisanal cocktails, local craft beer and much more, Two Olives offers something for every taste. One particularly unique option on the dinner menu is the Mediterranean mezze. Also known as tapas in Spain, mezze is an important part of Mediterranean life. It signifies leisure, camaraderie, and good humor. In the Mediterranean you never drink without eating, so you have time to enjoy the moment without being rushed. The custom is to offer a large selection in small quantities and keep them coming. Two Olives highlights tabouli, baba ghanoush, hummus, lebneh, rolled grape leaves, rice and hashwa, fried kibbe with herbed yogurt, lamb kefta, kibbe nayeh and chicken shawarma.

Whatever you choose, you'll have an elegant dinner experience at Two Olives, which also offers both a full bar and patio for guests to enjoy.

Casual Lunch Service

At lunchtime, you'll find a much different experience at Two Olives. The restaurant is bright and open, with a much more relaxed and casual environment. Instead of the full-service dining style you’ll find at Two Olives in the evening, you’ll be met with a more relaxed counter-service style, in which you place your order and pay at the counter. You’ll then take a number, and your meal will be served to your table. In addition to the completely different dining style, the restaurant also offers a unique lunch menu. The Two Olives lunch menu offers several options under $10, and a number of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions.

Two Olives


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