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Around here, Spangles is a known name, and for good reason. Spangles is a early rock-n-roll themed burger restaurant that first opened in Wichita in 1978. Since then, Spangles has expanded to 28 locations across the region.

Wichita isn’t short on fast food, burger joints, but if you truly want a tasty, different burger experience, Spangles is the way to go. They are best known for their 1/3 lb. Gourmet Supreme burger which has been voted best burger for many years.

Spangles offers a variety of unique burgers that set them apart from other burger joints around town. In fact, Spangles just recently made the transition to all Premium Black Angus Steakburgers. They have the Sourdough Mushroom and Swiss, the Chili Cheese Burger, the Western Burger and many more. If you’re looking for something on the healthier side, Spangles has grilled chicken or turkey on Pita as well as Sugar Free Gelatin and Pasta Salad for lighter sides.

Spangles is also coming up with new and exciting ways to bring you tasty meals that you can’t get anywhere else. Right now you can get $1 off a Guacamole Cheeseburger with this coupon. The Frito Chili Cheese Bowl is also $1 off with this coupon

Enjoy the fun atmosphere of Spangles as well as the delicious food next time you want a good meal. To learn more about Spangles, click here


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