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M.I.F. Deli

If you’re looking for a new place to try, M.I.F. Deli should definitely be on the top of your list. M.I.F is a deli with traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food such as hummus, gyros, fattouch salad, grape leaves and much more.

The deli is a small, family owned and operated restaurant with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The murals on the wall make it seem like it belongs in the Middle East. The staff is very friendly and the food is delicious.

M.I.F Deli is the perfect place to grab lunch or a quick bite. We stopped in the other day to try it and I was very pleased. Each of the three of us ordered different entrees, but we were all very pleased. I meant to take pictures of everything, but we were so hungry that we inhaled our food and I forgot. There are some great pictures of the food and restaurant décor on their 360 page. Click here to see the pictures, and learn more information about M.I.F Deli.

I’m not a very “adventurous” eater so, I got a turkey sandwich. It had special sauce, at least! It was very good, though. I was informed that the next time I need to order something a little more adventurous…which I will. I’m definitely getting hummus again, though, because I know I like that!

I totally recommend trying M.I.F. Deli. I am a fan and I will definitely go back at some point!  “M.I.F. Deli, where every bite is a DELITE” 

by Hannah Kern


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