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Healthy Eating Downtown

It’s an amazing time to live, work, play, drink and eat in downtown Wichita. It seems like new places to eat are popping up every week, and many of them feature great healthy menu items. But you don’t have to go to a ‘health food spot’ to eat healthy, so we’ve tasted the menus of downtown Wichita in search of our favorite healthy eating spots that deliver big on flavor.

First, we’ll cover a few obvious choices with an overall healthy theme and then we’ll dive deeper into the menus of downtown Wichita to find the hidden gems, lastly, we’ll even reveal a few ‘secret menu’ options that hungry healthy eaters will hunker down for.

Lotus Leaf Cafe

 Lotus Leaf Cafe

This health-conscious eatery & juice bar features smoothies, sandwiches & salads, plus vegetarian options. Located on the Eastern edge of Old Town, this cozy spot offers fresh and tasty options at reasonable prices. (Extra points for amazing service and warm smiles too.!)

Cold Press 86

Cold Press 86

Cole Press 86 serves up amazingly full-bodied juices, clearly made with love and care for you and the environment!  (Extra points for their locally grown wheatgrass, so sweet!) Try a ‘flight’ of juices to find your favorites!

Beautiful Day Cafe

For the healthy hippy in you, Beautiful Day Cafe delivers with delicious organic burritos, grass-fed burgers, and yes, hippy porridge - oats, vanilla almond milk, flax, nuts, fruit, coconut cream and cinnamon. And with their impressive garden next door, you can’t get any closer to your food’s origin.

Old Mill Tasty Shop

Old Mill Tasty Shop

At first glance you might not think that a historic soda fountain shop is a top choice for healthy eating...you would be wrong. The Old Mill Tasty Shop menu is filled with healthy items such as the vegetarian Reuben or vegetarian Muffuletta sandwich (both are sooooooo good).

Or you can be good and bad by ordering a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich served up with a handmade chocolate malt! Lastly, don’t shy away from the Mexican items on the menu, they are surprisingly authentic and healthy like the vegetarian burrito!

My Tho

My Tho

My Tho is a local treasure for anyone who enjoys fresh Vietnamese soups, noodles and Bahn Mi sandwiches. Don’t be shaken by the nondescript building and sign that still includes “Billiards” as part of the offering. This is the real deal for freshness and flavor. You’ll need to plan ahead though because they only take cash and they aren’t open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Tanya's Soup Kitchen

 Tanyas Soup Kitchen

Tanya’s (Pronounced “Tan”-”Yuh’s”) has a special healthy ingredient in every dish...LOVE! You’ll find six or more rich and flavourful soups on the menu every day, pulled from the legendary soup recipe catalog of local celebrity chef Tanya Tandoc. Pair that soup with a salad or a sandwich and your taste buds will thank you.

Harvest Kitchen & Bar

Don’t be fooled by Harvest’s location inside the Hyatt Hotel downtown, Harvest features a seasonally-inspired menu designed to celebrate the bountiful agricultural resources of Kansas. Harvest serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all focused on sourcing local and seasonal. (They also serve up the finest views of the Arkansas river...and that’s healthy for your soul!)

Public At The Brickyard

Public At The Brickyard

Public is located in a semi-hidden basement in Old Town next to the popular live music venue “The Brickyard.” The menu is seasonal and mostly sourced locally from the many farms and ranches surrounding Wichita.

Great choices here include their filling Ensalada del Taco with soy and veggie chili and fresh locally sourced meats, cheeses, breads and veggies in their Ban Mi, Prairie Sliders and Cuban sandwiches. Come for dinner in the summer months and wander outside to The Brickyard to dance the night away fueled by their full bar local beers and spirits!

Siena Tuscan Steakhouse

Don’t be scared away by the word “Steakhouse,” this high-end eatery always offers locally sourced produce served in a tasty range of fresh, organic salads and handmade pastas.

Food Trucks At The Pop Up Park!

Don’t forget to check Facebook to see what food trucks are serving at Downtown Wichita’s Pop Up Park! Great healthy eats are found at Kind Kravings and the Garden of Eatin’ trucks!


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