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Burn Out Bar And Grill

Burn Out Bar And Grill

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Burn Out Bar and Grill is Wichita’s only automotive and racing themed restaurant. With decorations and menu item names that come straight from racing and the automotive industry, Burn Out Bar and Grill offers an atmosphere that will leave you reminiscing on your fondest automotive memories. Maybe you’ll remember the excitement you felt when you got your first car, or perhaps you’ll look back on first time that dad let you drive the Corvette. With automobiles as the restaurant’s theme, Burn Out offers a setting that is relatable to nearly all guests.

“Cars are an important role in everyone's life when it comes to you just getting to work, or driving around on a cruise on a Sunday afternoon, or taking a trip. We wanted to create an environment that people were comfortable and felt relaxed [in], and bring back good memories, and hopefully create new good memories at the Burn Out Bar and Grill,” said owner Robert Wynia II.

Robert and his wife, Crystal, run Burn Out Bar and Grill together. The restaurant began simply with the couple’s desire to bring homemade food to Wichita. The locally owned and operated restaurant prepares food the traditional way, a quality that’s hard to find in a restaurant anymore. Featuring menu items made on-site with family recipes, all of the food is prepared, breaded and battered by hand.

Burn Out Bar and Grill's Comfort Food

Burn Out serves country-style comfort food, such as chicken fried steak, chicken tenders, burgers, nachos and more.

“We like to call our food vacation food, where on vacation you get to eat what you want!” Wynia said.

The restaurant is known for the Cadillac, which is the largest chicken fried steak dinner, weighing nearly 1.5 pounds served on a 14 inch platter; and the classic Burn Out Burger, which features a handmade bacon beef patty.

Many automotive themed drinks are available, such as the Full Throttle drink and the 95 Octane drink. Burn Out Bar and Grill also offers a full bar and a large list of bottled domestic, import and craft beers. Other non-alcoholic drinks, such as soda, iced and sweet tea, juices and even milk are available.

Bringing Homemade food to Wichita

Burn Out Bar and Grill opened its doors in January of 2015, and really noticed business taking off in the summer of 2015. The restaurant offers a variety of special deals that can be found on the Burn Out Bar and Grill Facebook page.

Robert and Crystal hope that Burn Out Bar and Grill will offer Wichita a taste of homemade food, and help the city to break away from national chain restaurants.

“We think bringing a small town style restaurant in to the big city, people can really appreciate the quality,” Wynia said.


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