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When Less is More: 5 Benefits of the Freezerless Fridge

When Less is More: 5 Benefits of the Freezerless Fridge

If you’ve ever opened your crisper drawer to find the carrots frozen or the milk on its way to being ice cream, you have probably weighed up the values of the freezerless fridge. These appliances can allow you more space for your fresh-never-frozen groceries and save you on your monthly energy bill. 

If that sounds like that appliance for you, now’s your chance to look for the nearest refrigerator sale. Here are five benefits of the freezerless fridge for those on the fence about ditching the deep freeze. 

Freezers take valuable space 

If you’re living in an apartment or a small house, space is at a premium. If you’ve already compromised on having a full-sized fridge, every square inch of cooler space counts.  

Rather than fill the top section of that half-sized fridge with a freezer, look for a model that gives you extra fridge space. This solution can be a game-changer if you’re not big on frozen meals. Swapping to freezerless saves space while allowing you to keep more fresh food in your home. 

Freezerless fridges save money 

There are various ways freezerless fridges save money. These pared-down coolers are significantly less expensive than freezer-fridge combination units, and that’s before you even take it home.

But freezerless fridges also make practical wine fridges. A genuine wine fridge can cost a small fortune, but a freezerless fridge does the same job for less cold, hard cash. Lastly, a freezerless unit can save you on your monthly energy bill by eliminating the power-draining coolant system of a traditional combination unit. 

Freezerless fridges prevent water damage 

Everything can go wrong, but when freezers go wrong, you’re bound to notice. Either the freezers build up so much ice that the door no longer closes, or they stop freezing entirely, in which case you risk water damage to your floor and fridge. Not to mention the grocery money you lose out on when your microwave dinners thaw prematurely. 

Even when your freezer works as intended, defrosting and cleaning it without causing a monumental mess is tricky. 

Freezerless fridges not only remove the water damage risk but eliminate the need to safely defrost anything. 

Fridges with freezers use more energy 

A fridge in and of itself doesn’t have to reach freezing temperatures. That’s because all you need it to do is keep your food cold. 

A freezer, on the other hand, must reach zero degrees to keep your food frozen. That takes significantly more energy. 

If you still aren’t sure, have a look at the energy ratings on freezerless fridges compared to freezer-fridge combinations while you look for that new fridge. All electronic appliances must list their energy efficiency, and you’ll quickly notice the difference that cutting the ice makes.

You can store outsized platters and dishes 

Storing a week’s worth of groceries in a fridge can be challenging in its own right. But as the week progresses and you start cooking, that gets harder as your Tupperware and dishes fight for space.

When part of your refrigerator unit works as a freezer, there’s less space for things like:

  • Casserole dishes
  • Soup tureens
  • Tupperware 

Losing the freezer compartment adds shelf space and simplifies your evening juggling act as you try to save your leftovers.   

Final thoughts

Whether you’re trying to save money, energy costs, or can’t face another week of accidentally frozen peas, there are many reasons for considering a freezerless fridge. 

If your combination unit keeps leaving you in the cold, it may be time to deep-six your deep freeze.


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