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Ways The Wichita Community Can Help The Elderly

Ways The Wichita Community Can Help The Elderly

The Kansas Department of Transportation and Federal Transit Administration awarded $13.2 million to the state for public transportation improvement. Aside from cleaner and more efficient transportation systems, the grant will improve accessibility facilities in public vehicles. This is good news for the elderly in Kansas because widespread accessibility helps them to continue living independently. Here are other ways the Wichita community can help senior citizens live their best lives.

Support Aging In Place

9 out of 10 people prefer to spend their retirement years in their own homes, instead of moving to a care facility. Apart from independence, aging at home is less expensive than in assisted living centers. The emotional value of being in their own homes is also better for their mental health. Loved ones can assist their elderly by being part of their support network and helping them plan how to make their homes more accessible. Decluttering, widening doors, installing ramps, grab rails, and non-skid floors are the primary fixtures needed to provide them with a safe environment. 

Encourage A Vibrant Social Life

No matter how much they love their homes, senior citizens need to stay socially engaged. Social interactions lower stress, improve longevity, boost cognitive skills, decrease the risk of depression, and encourage physical fitness. Wichita is an accessible and senior citizen-friendly city with many places retirees can spend wonderful times. They can go independently or, better yet, with loved ones or friends. 

For art and culture enthusiasts, The Exploration Place, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House, and Wichita Art Museum are the best places to visit. Sedgwick County Zoo and Botanica are perfect for those who love to be in nature. They can watch theatrical performances in the Crown Uptown Theater and the Music Theater Wichita. Wichita Park and Recreation offer classes, activities, and events to enrich the lives of senior citizens.

Give Time

The elderly population is growing, but county funding for senior services is not increasing as much. Wichita residents can help by participating in programs for senior citizens like Sedgwick County’s RSVP Volunteer Program. RSVP trains volunteers to assist others to age in place, lend legal or financial expertise, facilitate events, and many more. Several non-profit organizations in Wichita can also benefit from donations of time, money, or in-kind.

Bring In Furry Love

The elderly can have less stress and lower blood pressure with pet ownership. It is not possible, though, for every senior citizen to have one. Mobility issues or living arrangements may prevent them from doing so. Pet owners and local animal organizations can help by collaborating with assisted living facilities to bring in furry friends. Animal friends can help the elderly feel better, stay connected, and develop bonds. 

It takes a village, not just to raise a child, but to assist the elderly in leading a fulfilling life. Aging brings in new challenges and obstacles to overcome. These will be less terrifying and overwhelming when everyone in the community works together. 


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