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New Grocery Store Coming to Downtown Wichita

Downtown Wichita Grocery

A new grocery store, The Wichita Market, is coming to downtown Wichita this fall. It will be located at 111 W. Douglas on the opposite corner of the building from Quiznos, near Finlay Ross Park. Owners Phil and Michelle Hermanson said they are looking forward to getting it up and running.

“We want to keep as much of the history as we can," said Michelle. “Back in 1913 when the building first opened up, this was the hotspot, this was downtown! Now we have old town, we have Delano, we need something in the middle to bring it all together. The Q Line is here for a reason!” 

The building will house the grocery store, a coffee shop and deli (Michelle’s Coffee and Specialty Foods Bar), “ICT Catering”, and a new “ICT Venue”.

Michelle explained, “Right now we have the downstairs (grocery store, deli and coffee shop), which is 6,000 square feet. We also have the venue upstairs that we lease from the building owner. And as things progress we will move on with phase two and phase three. Phase two will be the liquor store, a campaign and marketing company, and a night club. Then phase three, a few years down the line, we would like to start putting apartments in upstairs.”

What You'll Find at the Store

Downtown Wichita Grocery

The new grocery store will offer everyday essentials like cereal, milk, bread, eggs, and toiletries—plus diverse options and specialty items from other countries, like fresh cheese and olive oil from Greece. Michelle’s main focus is to offer her customers what they really want. 

Upon opening, Michelle says that there will be a limited selection of vegan and gluten free items, but that she’s happy to add more as demand increases. She is also currently researching bringing in as many locally sourced items as possible.

“We’ve talked to people down at the farmers market because we would like to keep our produce local, as much as we can," Michelle said. “It’s about bringing Wichita back. That’s why we’re doing this because downtown Wichita needs this."


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