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Cost of Living: Wichita vs. The World

If you've lived in or around Wichita your whole life, you may not realize just how good we've got it. If you've lived anywhere else, you probably have a little better idea. When it comes to economics, Wichita is the place to be.

Wichita's cost of housing is  is below the national average by 32 percent, and the cost of living also comes in under the national average according areavibes.com.

With some of the lowest cost-of-living figures out there, ranking number five on CBS MoneyWatch's 15 Most Affordable Places to Live in 2015.

Don't believe us? We talked to people all over the world to gain a better perspective. Here's a breakdown of living costs around the globe.

Jessica - Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missiour

Via kcloftspace.com.

Living expense: Rent-1200/month + utilities

Transportation: I drive and ride my bike and use the free streetcar!

Parking: $17 per week

Gas price per gallon: $2.02

Commute: I both live and work downtown so commute is only about 10 minutes, but for reference most of my coworkers commute about 30 minutes.

Cost of a gallon of milk: uhhh not a clue to be honest.

Neil - Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Living expense: $800 monthly house payment

Transportation: Personal vehicle

Parking: Does not typically pay for parking. 

Cost of a gallon of gas: $1.87

Commute: 4 miles/7 minutes

Cost of a gallon of milk: $3.68

Taylor - Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas

Via vialascolinas.com.

Living Expense: A two bedroom apartment costs $1,400 per month to rent. This is before any utilities or other monthly expenses.

Transportation: I use my own vehicle. In Dallas many of the roads are toll-roads. They are often unavoidable and sometimes costly.

Parking: I only pay for parking when we go to downtown Dallas. We can usually find parking for less than $10. We may do that twice a month.

Cost of a gallon of gas: Right now a gallon of gas costs $1.89.

Commute: I changed jobs 4 months ago and my commute used to cost me $80.00 in tolls monthly. My drive was about 18 miles one way and was 25 minutes on average. My new job is only 12 miles one way and about 14 minutes on average but has no tolls. Huge money saver.

Cost of a gallon of milk: $2.95

"The biggest unexpected expense I encounter was the tolls. Depending on where you live and work your tolls can have a large impact on your monthly budget. DFW is the largest land-locked metropolitan area in the United States, highways are so important here." 

"When I visit family in Kansas I really am able to see the difference in the cost of living. Not as much at the gas station and grocery store but more so in the price of a meal out or a movie ticket. It is nothing down here to spend $25 on your dinner and on a movie ticket. Much more expensive than I remember growing up in Wichita, KS."

Caleb - Falls Church, Virginia

Falls Church, Virginia

Via apartmentguide.com.

Living expense: I rent an apartment with several other guys and pay around $650 per month (and I'm on the very, very, very low end for rent.)

Transporatation: I usually rely on a combo of the metro/bus system and my bike. I pay about $80 a month for public transportation.

Commute: My commute to work is about 40 minutes each way.

Cost of a gallon of milk: A gallon of milk is usually around $3.85.

"Because I had spent a summer in D.C. before deciding to move here for grad school, I had a pretty reasonable expectation of what the costs were going to be. However, when I first moved into the area the two costs that most took me off guard were the costs of housing inside the city and how much more expensive food is."

Missy - Anchorage, Alaska

Missy - Anchorage, Alaska

Living Expense: I paid $800/month for my small studio apartment.

Transportation: I use my car, which gets about 35-40mpg highway and about 20-25 in town.

Parking: I rarely paid for parking except downtown. It was $1/hour. So about 2-3 times a month.

Cost of a gallon of gas: Last time I got gas it was $2.45/gallon in Anchorage.

Cost of a gallon of milk: Regular gallons of milk are like $5.35 or so.

"The cost of living is much higher in Anchorage, so everything (including pay) is more expensive. Even at chain stores, many things were 1.5-2 times more expensive. There isn't any tax though, so when something is $11.50, you pay $11.50. I had no problems paying for an apartment, car payment, phone/internet/cable bill, etc. if you score a good gig, you'll have plenty of money to live comfortably. While anchorage is gorgeous, you know there's no place like home."

Suz - Winter Garden Florida

Living expense: $375/mo. Shared house with 6 girls. I think our rent it like 1500ish a month? Not sure.

Transportation: My car

Cost of a gallon of gas: $2

Commute:  20-30 minutes

Cost of a gallon of milk: I don't like milk so idk dude.

Raymond - Mangilao, Guam

Raymond - Mangilao, Guam

Homes in Mangilao, Guam.

Living expense: $1,400 / month for a three bedroom, two bathroom ranch type house.

Transportation: A car to get to further places. Distances are fairly short on Guam – its 30 miles long and 9 miles wide. I actually live only 12 minutes walk from work, so most days I simply walk. But public transport is limited and a car is necessary.

Cost of a gallon of gas: $3.40 per Gallon but because distances are short we spend a little less than when we were in Kansas per month on gas.

Commute: 12 minutes walk, my wife 10 minutes drive

Cost of a gallon of milk: A whopping $7.00 - $8.00. We try to get it on sale usually at say $5.00/gallon or $3.00 per half gallon usually.

Hanadi - Haifa, Israel

Hanadi - Haifa, Israel

Via dekanat.haifa.ac.il.

Living expense:  I pay 1200 shekel per month which estimated in dollars $420 to rent an apartment.

Transportation: Most common method is bus and train, it costs around 150 shekels, about $45-50.

Parking: I own a car, and I have to pay minimum $10per day for parking.

Cost of a gallon of gas: A gallon of gas costs around $7.

Commute: By bus it takes a 45 minute ride and by car it is 15 minutes.

Cost of a gallon of milk: A gallon of milk cost $5-6.

Leonie - Mannheim, Germany

Living expense: I live in a flat share, so I'm renting & the monthly payment is 408 € (about $460.)

Transportation: Since I live in the city, I mostly walk/ take my bike or the bus/subway. It costs about 10 € ($11) a week since I don't use public transportation very often. I also have my car here.

Parking: I pay 59 € ($67) per year for parking.

Cost of a gallon of gas: A gallon of gas costs around 4.50 € ($5) I can walk to work, it takes about 15 minutes to get there.

Cost of a gallon of milk: A gallon of milk costs about 2 € ($2.25.)

Rabia - Lahore, Pakistan

Rabia -

Living Expense:  i am paying $1200 per month to rent my house.

Transporatation: I used to move on public transport normally, and it cost me $5 to $6 per week.

Parking: Do not pay for parking. 

Cost of a gallon of milk: 1 dollar per litre.



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