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President's Day

As many of you know its President’s Day. Most of you know this because you have the day off from school or work, not because you really observe the holiday.

President’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. It’s celebrated to honor George Washington, the first President of the United States, and the other 43 Presidents the U.S. has had. A lot of stores hold major sales on this day and it’s a day a lot of schools and work places get the day off. 

Originally named after Washington, the holiday honors his accomplishments of being “The Father of his Country.” He was voted in as President unanimously and was a great choice for his decisions and set a great example for the future leaders to follow in his footsteps but today is a day to remember not only George Washington, but the other successful Presidents our nation has had.

Since Washington was known for chopping down a cherry tree, making cherry pie is a great way to celebrate. Another awesome dessert named after a President is Lincoln Logs. If you’re not in school and want something to do, check out the recipe for cherry pie and for Lincoln Logs to make a tasty treat to honor 2 of our great Presidents. Plus, check out this President's Day sale for coupon books by clicking here

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