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Next Time...Be Ready

Photo Source: Kansas.com (The Wichita Eagle)

The winter storm Wichita experienced the last couple days was one for the record books. The total amount of snow reached 14.2 inches which has only been worse once--in 1962.

The snow came in 2 “flights” if you will. The first snow fell on Wednesday morning and continued until 4pm that afternoon. Because of the preparation the city did, the road conditions were not too bad on the Wednesday afternoon commute. The snow picked up again around 6pm and flurries fell throughout the night along with thunder and lightning. Thursday snow continued to fall all day making the roads dangerous to drive. Plows continued to work throughout Wichita to make the roads reasonable for those needing to get out and about.

It’s obvious that in these kinds of storms that staying in is the best idea, but sometimes when people haven’t prepared the way they should, leaving home seems necessary.

Snow storms like the one we experienced the last couple of days are not particularly common in Kansas so that’s why many of us are not always fully prepared but just in case it may be a good idea to stock up on food and activities so the kids don’t go crazy.

First of all, make sure you have a shovel. It’s never good to feel stuck in your driveway even if you really shouldn’t go anywhere. In your car you may also want to keep an ice scraper in case you are out when the snow/ice hits.

Obviously, make sure you have enough food, particularly hot chocolate and the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies and chili. Those are the staples of a wintery day. Those and popcorn! Also, keep medicine around in case anyone gets sick and you can’t leave the house.

In addition, make sure you have blankets and warm clothes in case the pilot light goes out or your heater stops working. Also, so you can go outside and play in the snow!

Keep plenty of movies and games in the house so there is never a dull moment!

Snow days get kind of boring because leaving is dangerous and not a very smart idea, but if you prepare and have the right things in your home not only for survival, but for fun, then snow days can be great! 

by Hannah Kern


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