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Wichita State Men’s Basketball Players who have Gone Pro

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The Wichita State University Men’s Basketball program has gotten a lot of national media attention in the last couple of years. But do you know how many professional basketball players are former Shockers? In our research, we found 16 WSU Men’s Basketball players have gone pro and seen NBA playing time. Another 12 were drafted but never played in the NBA.

WSU Basketball Players Who Played in the NBA or ABA

Nate Bowman

Nickname: The Snake, Nate the Skate
Years at WSU: 1962-65
Position: Center
Year Drafted: 1965 (1st Round)
NBA Teams: Chicago Bulls (1966-67), New York Knicks (1967-70), Buffalo Braves (1970-71)

Antoine Carr

Nickname: A.C., The Big Dog
Years at WSU: 1979-83
Position: Power Forward, Small Forward, Center
Year Drafted: 1983 (1st Round)
NBA Teams: Atlanta Hawks (1984-90), Sacramento Kings (1989-91), San Antonio Spurs (1991-94), Utah Jazz (1994-98), Houston Rockets (1998-99)

Greg Dreiling

Years at WSU: 1981-82
Position: Center
Drafted: 1986 (2nd Round)
NBA Teams: Indiana Pacers (1986-93), Dallas Mavericks (1993-94, 1996-97), Cleveland Cavaliers (1994-95)

Cleanthony Early

Years at WSU: 2012-2014
Position: Small Forward
Year Drafted: 2014 (2nd Round)
NBA Team: New York Knicks (2015-present)

Maurice Evans

Years at WSU: 1997-98
Position: Shooting Guard, Small Forward
NBA Teams: Minnesota Tiberwolves (2001-02), Sacramento Kings (2004-05), Detroit Pistons (2005-06), Los Angeles Lakers (2006-08), Atlanta Hawks (2008-11), Washington Wizards (2010-12)

Warren (Armstrong) Jabali

Years at WSU: 1964-68
Position: Shooting Guard, Point Guard
Year Drafted: 1968 (4th Round, by New York Knicks)
ABA Teams: Oakland Oaks (1968-69), Washington Capitols (1969-70), Indiana Pacers (1970-71), Floridians (1971-72), Denver Rockets (1972-74), San Diego Conquistadors (1974-75)

Lynbert “Cheese” Johnson

Years at WSU: 1976-79
Position: Small Forward
Year Drafted: 1979 (3rd Round)
NBA Team: Golden State Warriors (1979-80)

Ozell Jones

Nickname: Hoppy
Years at WSU: 1979-81
Position: Center
Drafted: 1984 (4th Round)
NBA Teams: San Antonio Spurs (1984-85), Los Angeles Clippers (1985-86)

Cliff Levingston

Years at WSU: 1979-82
Position: Power Forward
Year Drafted: 1982 (1st Round)
NBA Teams: Detroit Pistons (1982-84), Atlanta Hawks (1984-90), Chicago Bulls (1990-92)

Xavier McDaniel

Nickname: X, X-Man
Years at WSU: 1981-85
Position: Small Forward, Power Forward
Year Drafted: 1985 (1st Round)
NBA Teams: Seattle SuperSonics (1985-91), Phoenix Suns (1990-91), New York Knicks (1991-92), Boston Celtics (1992-95), New Jersey Nets (1996-98)

Gal Mekel

Years at WSU: 2006-08
Position: Point Guard
NBA Teams: Dallas Mavericks (2013-14), New Orleans Pelicans (2014-15)

Toure’ Murry

Years at WSU: 2008-12
Position: Guard
NBA Teams: New York Knicks (2013-14), Utah Jazz (2014-15)

Gaylon Nickerson

Years at WSU: 1989-90
Position: Shooting Guard
Drafted: 1994 (2nd Round by Atlanta Hawks)
NBA Teams: San Antonio Spurs and Washington Bullets (1996-97)

Dave Stallworth

Nickname: The Rave
Years at WSU: 1962-65
Position: Small Forward
Year Drafted: 1965 (1st Round)
NBA Teams: New York Knicks (1965-67, 1969-72, 1974-75), Baltimore Bullets (1972-73), Capital Bullets (1973-74)

Gene Wiley

Years at WSU: 1959-62
Position: Center
Year Drafted: 1962 (2nd Round)
NBA Team: Los Angeles Lakers (1962-66)
ABA Teams: Oakland Oaks (1967-68), Dallas Chaparrals (1967-68)

Bobby Wilson

Years at WSU: 1972-74
Position: Shooting Guard
Year Drafted: 1974 (3rd Round)
NBA Teams: Chicago Bulls (1974-76), Boston Celtics (1976-77), Indiana Pacers (1977-78)

WSU Basketball Players Who Were Drafted for the NBA but Did Not Play

Aubrey Sherrod (Drafted 1985, 2nd Round by Chicago Bulls)

Cleo Littleton (Drafted 1955, 5th Round by Fort Wayne Pistons)

Warren Armstrong (Drafted 1968, 4th Round by New York Knicks)

Larry Van Eman (Drafted 1962, 6th Round by Syracuse Nationals)

Bob Elmore (Drafted 1977, 4th Round by New York Nets)

Ron Heller (Drafted 1961, 7th Round by Chicago Packers)

Jamie Thompson (Drafted 1967, 7th Round by Los Angeles Lakers)

Ron Harris (Drafted 1972, 5th Round by Milwaukee Bucks)

Robert Gray (Drafted 1976, 5th Round by Seattle SuperSonics)

Terry Benton (Drafted 1972, 6th Round by Detroit Pistons)

Henry Carr (Drafted 1987, 7th Round by Los Angeles Clippers)

Randy Smithson (Drafted 1981, 8th Round by Kansas City Kings)


Which Shocker do you think will be added to an NBA roster next?


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