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Great Christmas Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Get ready for a crafty Christmas, because these great DIY gifts will you ready to make all of your gifts this year!

Christmas Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Candy Sleigh

This DIY gift is very simple. You will need two candy canes for the sleigh's runners, and candy of varying sizes to stack on top. (The largest candy should go on the bottom.) Then, secure the candy in place with a ribbon. You may have to use a hot glue gun to secure the runners to the bottom of your candy sleigh!

Candy Sleigh

Photo by Princesspinkygirl.com

Teacup Candles

Teacup candles are a cute, unique and easy gift for almost anyone! Simply grab a teacup from the nearest thrift store, a wick and candle wax from a craft store and a pencil from your junk drawer and you're ready to begin! The first step is to lay your pencil across the top of the teacup. Drop the wick into the cup and tie the end of the wick (above the top of the teacup) to your pencil in order to hold it up. Heat your candle until the wax melts and let dry. Snip the wick off just below the knot around your pencil and you're done! 

Teacup Candles

Photo via pinterest.com/jenny_kovarik1/

Snowman Ornaments

Let the kids get their hands a little dirty with this DIY snowman ornament! Buy a pack of glass bulb ornaments in the color of your choice. These can be found at the dollar store. Next using some white acrylic paint, let your child make a partial hand print on the bulb as shown in the picture. Then, once the hand print has dried, use acrylic paint and Sharpies to decorate each finger like a snowman! For an extra special touch, have your child sign and date his or her masterpiece!

Snowman Ornaments

Gift Card Snowglobe

If you're looking for a more thoughtful way to give a gift card as a Christmas gift, try making a gift card snow globe! This is super easy to do. All you need is a gift card, a mason jar, a hot glue gun, some glitter, water and decorations of your choice. The first step is to place a line of hot glue across the underside of the mason jar's lid. Stick the end of your gift card in the glue and let dry completely. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes. If done correctly, the gift card should look as though it is standing on the underside of the lid. Now you can pour some glitter into the bottom of the jar (This will be the snow in your snow globe, so the amount is up to you!) Next, add any floating ornaments you would like in your snow globe and fill the jar with water. Tightly secure the lid and fasten a ribbon around it and you're done! 

Gift Card Snowglobe

Photo by Moneysavingmom.com

Dinosaur Phone Stand

Is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen? Dinosaur phone stands are so easy to make! Just grab a bag of those small dinosaur toys that we all know and love, some superglue and a few suction cups. The first step is to chop them in half. I know that may seem harsh, and the child in you might be slightly devastated, but the end result is totally worth it. Once your dinos are extinct, set aside the tops. You'll need them later. Take the bottom half of each dinosaur and secure a suction cup to your cut point with superglue. 

Dinosaur Magnets 

Remember the top halves of those dinosaurs you set aside? Glue a magnet to the cut point for a refrigerator decoration that's roaring with excitement!


Photo by eatsleepmake.com

Glass Magnets

Everything you need to make these glass magnets can be purchased at your nearest craft supply store. Grab a few round magnets, some hot glue and a bag of glass beads. You can use any printed image of your choice for the background, these can be clipped from photographs, or magazines, bits of gift wrap or even printed off of the computer. This makes these magnets easily personalized with names or characters. All you have to do is glue your image to the magnet and glue a glass bead on top! 

glass magnets

Candy Cane Playdough

This might be the quickest and easiest DiY gift so far. That is, if you choose to purchase you Playdough rather than to  bake your own from scratch as the original post suggests. To create a cute, quick and easy candy can playdough gift, you can just buy a few containers of both red and white play dough and place the contents of each container into a mason jar, stacking the red and white Playdough on top of each other in alternating color order so as to resemble an actual candy cane! Add glitter and even a few drops of peppermint oil to give your gift a little something extra! Next, close the jar and fasten a festive ribbon around the top.

Coffee Ground Candles

Photo by Artfulparent.com

Photo Collage Monogram Letter

All you need for this DIY project is a wooden monogram letter, several picture of or with the person who will be receiving the gift, scissors, and a jar of Mod Podge. (Paint is optional.) For this gift, you will use the Mod Podge to adhere photos to the wooden letter. use scissors to trim off edges of the pictures that hang over the wood.  You can choose to cover the whole letter with photographs, or you can choose to use paint on a portion of your letter as shown in the photo. Whatever you do, have fun!

Photo Collage Monogram Letter


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