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You Might be a Shocker Superfan if...


You've had to explain to a group of strangers what WuShock is. Wheat, he's wheat.


Via facebook.com/wichita.state

It has been made abundantly clear to you that "Wichita isn't a state".

# 8

You're positive it's "VanVleet". Not VanFleet, Van Fleet or Van Vleet.


via facebook.com/wichita.state

You're not ashamed of your man-crush on Ron Baker.


Screen-cap of GoShockers Facebook Page

You've considered naming one of your children Fred, Evan, or McDuffie.


You call one of your children Fred, Evan or McDuffie, even though her name is Emma.

You call one of your children

It would be impossible to spot a bumble bee in your closet.


Gregg Marshall is the ultimate celebrity sighting.


You're looking forward to meeting former WSU coach Mark Turgen and Maryland in the Elite 8... but you'd much rather face KU (Because last year's win was oh-so-sweet).


You know the Twitter handle of every member of the team.


You always feel like the underdog, even if you're the favorite.


Go Shocks!

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