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You Might Be From Wichita

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  • You trust meteorologists less than politicians
  • You're still bitter about the whole Wild West World thing
  • You brake, then signal
  • You know exactly where the nearest QuikTrip is at any given moment
  • You've used a highway on-ramp for sledding
  • You pronounce it Ar-Kansas not Arkan-Saw
  • Toy Boy and Major Astro helped shape you as a person
  • You've accepted the fact that Kellogg will never be complete... ever
  • A tornado siren means it's time to eat lunch
  • Paying for parking is unthinkable
  • You don't bother packing away your summer or winter clothes because you may need both in the same day
  • You pronounce it Green-wich, not Gren’ich
  • You don’t know what it means to “signal” when merging
  • You can't be bothered to drive 10 minutes across town because it's too far away
  • You still have nightmares about the Joyland clown

...you might be from Wichita.

What would you add? Leave yours in the comment section below!

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