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Words That Mean Something Different in Wichita

Check out these words that have an entirely different meaning when used in Wichita.

1. Arkansas

What it means: The state east of Oklahoma (pronounced ARE-kan-saw).
What it means in Wichita: The river running through Wichita (pronounced are-KAN-sas).

2. Greenwich

What it means: Village in New York (pronounced gren-itch).
What it means in Wichita: Street on the east side of Wichita (pronounced green-witch).

3. Anchor

3. Anchor

What it means: A heavy object used to keep a ship from drifting.
What it means in Wichita: Family-friendly bar that serves tasty pub-style food. And beer.

4. Donut Whole

Donut Whole

What it means: The circle cut out of the middle of a donut.
What it means in Wichita: An eclectic place to enjoy unique donuts, a coffee bar, live music and an art gallery.

5. Margarita's


What it means: Alcoholic beverages.
What it means in Wichita: A Mexican cantina and popular late-night party spot.

6. Big Ditch

What it means: A roadside channel for drainage that’s, well, big.
What it means in Wichita: Flood control that runs along I-235 and protects the west side of town.

7. Go Nuts

Go Nuts

What it means: Act wild and crazy.
What it means in Wichita: How we cheer for our 2014 American Association championship baseball team, The Wingnuts.

8. Thunder

8. Thunder

What it means: Scary, loud sound during storms.
What it means in Wichita: Wichita’s electrifying hockey team.

9. Directions

9. Directions

What it means: North, South, East, West.
What it means in Wichita: Thank goodness for GPS. (East 37th Street North? How are you supposed to find that??)

10. WuShock

Blades of Glory ©2007 Paramount Pictures

What it means: “No one knows what it means, but …it gets the people going.”
What it means in Wichita: Wichita State University’s mascot. (Yes, it’s a shock of wheat!)

11. Tornado Siren

11. Tornado Siren

What it means: Terrifying sound that strikes fear into your heart. Signal to run for cover.
What it means in Wichita: Time for a block party with the neighbors (or lunch on Mondays).

12. Ring of Fire

12. Ring of Fire

What it means: A Johnny Cash Song.
What it means in Wichita: The fiery display that lights up the Keeper of the Plains statue a few nights a week.

13. Wizard of Oz/Dorothy/Toto


The Wizard of Oz ©1939 Metro Goldwyn-Mayer

What it means: Fuel for jokes about people from Kansas.
What it means in Wichita: No. Just No.

One final note:

There’s no “witch” in “Wichita”.

What would you add to this list?

Let us know in the comments!

Doni Kealey


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