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Wichita's Pet Rescue Facilities

If you're looking to add a furry friend to your family, it's always a great idea to check out local rescue facilities. Pet adoption allows you to get a new pet to love and gives a shelter animal a brand new family to love, too. If you've got a forever home to offer, Wichita's pet rescue facilities have a perfect pet for you and your family. Check out these great pet rescue facilities!

Wichita's Pet Rescue Facilities

The Kansas Humane Society

When it comes to adopting pets, the Kansas Humane Society is probably the first place you think of. Helping abandoned and homeless animals in our community since 1888, the Kansas Humane Society is dedicated to enhancing the welfare of all companion animals.

Cats, dogs, and other small animals can be adopted through the Humans Society. A resource to both pets and people, the facility offers adoptions, behavioral training for pets and much more. Visit the website for more information on the Kansas Humane Society. 

Beauties and Beasts

Beauties and Beasts, Inc. rescues death row animals and places them in foster homes that will provide the loving and caring environment that is necessary to help rescues develop and become happy, healthy, adoptable animals.

The staff at Beauties and Beasts loves all animals equally and does not discriminate against breed, age, medical profile or behavior. With a mission is to change the world one rescue at a time, Beauties and Beasts invites you to help make a difference.

Learn more.

Eskie House of Kansas

Wichita-based organization Eskie House is devoted to the rescue of American Eskimo dogs. The organization began in 1999 as a South Central Kansas chapter of the national organization called Heartbandits.

The American Eskimo is one of the most intelligent canine breeds. Inquisitive, curious and easy to love, these dogs are a great addition to almost any family. Eskie House serves to provide American Eskimo dogs permanent adoptive home and provides loving care during transition periods. Details are available here.

K-9 Karma Kansas Dog Rescue

Wichita's K-9 Karma believes in saving dogs by empowering people. Welcoming initiative, input, involvement and creativity from its volunteers, the organization allows members of the community to help make a change in the face of Wichita pet rescue.

K-9 Karma is an all-breed, all-volunteer organization. The following text from the K-9 Karma website says it best:

"We believe people can make a difference. We believe we can make the world a better place. We believe that rescuing dogs is a transformative experience. We believe that whether you adopt and rescue one dog or you actively work with a rescue, your life will be changed forever."

K-9 Karma also proactively seeks to address issues like pet retention in the home and canine overpopulation through means of education concerning commercial breeders and spay and neuter advocacy.

Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection.org

Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection, Inc., or LAPP, rescues animals from overflowing shelters to save them from being euthanized. Typically among these are animals that have been abandoned, abused or were relinquished by their owners. LAPP is located at 310 W. 45th Street.

LAPP offers showings of its adoptable animals at the following locations: Petsmart (east and west) and Petco (east and Derby). For showing schedules, volunteering opportunities on more information, check out LAPP online

PALS Animal Rescue

Volunteer-based PALS Animal Rescue places pets into qualified forever homes. The majority of animals available for adoption at PALS come from the Wichita Animal Shelter, though a few animals are accepted from individuals who are no longer able to care for their pets. 

PALS works primarily with adult dogs, but puppies and other animals are available on occasion. Working with both pure breed and mixed-breed dogs, PALS specializes in providing mature, house-trained and obedient new members to happy families.

Learn more about PALS.

Wichita Animal Action League

The Wichita Animal Action League, or WAAL, was created in November of 2013. Advocating for all abused, neglected and abandoned animals in the Wichita area, the volunteer-based organization is action-oriented and dedicated to rescuing animals in crisis.

Both cats and dogs are available for adoption through WAAL. Adoption policies can be found here. In addition to matching animals with loving new owners, WAAL offers emergency animal rescue, transport to other rescues around Kansas, response to abuse and neglect complaints, education for pet owners and more.

To volunteer or learn more, visit the WAAL website

Wichita Animal Shelter

Pets available for adoption through the Wichita Animal Shelter can be found online. Dogs, cats and other animals are listed on the site. If you know exactly what you're looking for, you'll be able to find it with ease, as the site offers filters for breed, gender, age, size and main color. If you're just looking for a furry friend that's a good match for you, you can view all of the pets available! 

The Wichita Animal Shelter is also a resource for owners of lost or runaway pets, as the is the shelter to which the City of Wichita's Animal Control brings found pets. Pets remain at the Wichita Animal shelter for a maximum of three days, so check regularly for updates. 

The Wichita Animal Shelter is located at 3303 N. Hillside (near the intersection of K-96 and Hillside). More information on the Wichita Animal Shelter is available through the City of Wichita.


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