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Downtown Living In Wichita

If you live in a residential area or a suburb, downtown living might be a hard concept to grasp. Filled with the hustle and bustle that comes with being the entertainment hub of a city like Wichita, there are a number of concerns associated with downtown living. Is it too noisy? Is the traffic unbearable?

There’s definitely a perception about downtown living, suggesting that it brings about more headaches than it’s worth, but is it true? Check out what these downtown residents have to say about their experience!

Bailey and Brad Stevens

Bailey and Brad Stevens

Bailey Stevens and her husband, Brad, recently moved downtown, not long after getting married. The two moved to the Lux in December of 2016 and they couldn’t be happier.

We wanted to try downtown living as a young married couple before we have kids and before home ownership,” Bailey Stevens said.

Though the area has a reputation for being noisy, Stevens says she’s grown accustomed to the sounds of the city.

“The downtown noise bothered me at first because I used to live in a very small town with no traffic, but I hardly notice it anymore,” she said.

Traffic and Parking Downtown

Equipped with a laundromat, gym and a storage area in the basement, the Lux accommodates a few of the concerns associated with downtown living right off the bat.

The only bill the Stevens pay outright is the electric bill, as all other expenses are covered by their rent.

“I’m psyched about the amenities,” Stevens said.

With a parking garage right next door, Stevens says she never has to worry about finding a good spot, though this is only one of the obstacles associated with downtown transportation. When it comes to traffic, Stevens says that it, too, has proven easier to navigate than she’d expected.

The daily commute is pretty easy, although getting onto Kellogg is always stressful,” Stevens said, noting that a little stress is worth it when she considers the time she and her husband save commuting to and from work each day.

Easy Access to Entertainment

We are closer to the nightlife and the up and coming businesses that are all over downtown,” Stevens said.

The growing industry in the heart of Wichita’s downtown offers an ever-increasing number of options when it comes to dining and entertainment, but some of the more mundane tasks like grocery shopping can be a bit more of an ordeal for downtowners. It’s not that there aren’t options nearby for basic necessities, but some of the area’s residents, like the Stevens, choose a slightly longer commute when it comes time to do major shopping.

“We shop at the Dillons on Rock Road since it's close to where I work,” Stevens said.

Finding a Place for Pets 

Stevens cited accommodating her dog as the only disadvantage she’s faced when it comes to her new living arrangement.

“The biggest drawback comes from being a pet owner. Before I could just open the back doors to let our dog outside, but now we need to find a designated spot or drive to the park so she can run around,” she said.

A Great Experience

Overall, the Stevens have had a great experience. 

"It's been so worth it. We are surrounded by one-way streets so there's not a lot of traffic and being so close to work and all of our favorite spots is so worth it to us as a young couple." Stevens said. 

Katy Belt

Katy Belt

Katy Belt has lived in downtown Wichita at the Eaton Place for more than two-and-a-half years.

The Eaton’s amenities like a fitness Center, free Wi-Fi, commons area, gated parking area, garage parking, secured access and a washer and dryer in each unit offer peace of mind to potential residents who may be apprehensive about downtown living.

Problems With Parking

Belt says she typically parks in the street around the complex.

“Parking is hard to find during large events at the Arena,” she said, citing this as the biggest drawback to living in the downtown area.

Adjusting to the Environment

Belt added that she, too, was bothered by the downtown noise at first, but she adjusted to downtown life quickly. She’s accustomed to the light traffic on her daily commute, which wasn’t as bad as she’d anticipated. As a result, Belt is able to do her shopping all over town without too much trouble.

“Proximity to the highway and a friendly atmosphere were important,” Belt said of her priorities when it came to finding an apartment, and she added that she’s found both at the Eaton Place.


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