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A new one for game night... Wichita-Opoly

Monopoly celebrates its 80th anniversary this year with release of its 80th anniversary edition of the game, and now Wichitans have a reason to celebrate. We’ve quite literally been “put on the board,” as a Wichita-specific Monopoly themed board game is now available in stores. Select Walmart stores have recently picked up the game by production company Late for The Sky.  Late for The Sky’s CITY-IN-A-BOX line features 32 monopoly themed board games, each representative of a different U.S. city. Of just 32 cities represented by the games, Kansas is home to three. In addition to Wichita-opoly, games have been produced for both Topeka and Kansas City.

How Wichita-opoly Came to Be

Late for The Sky has been creating specialty board games since 1984, with the debut of its first game, MIAMIOPOLY. MIAMIOPOLY is representative of Oxford, Ohio’s Miami University, and was inspired by the time that the founder and president of Late for The Sky spent at Miami University as a student. Late for The Sky began with the production of college-themed board games, eventually releasing 80 titles. This would be the first time Kansas served as the inspiration for a Late for The Sky game, as Kansas-opoly was based on the University of Kansas.

The Success of the College-themed games led the company to expand into another line of games. The creation of the CITY-IN-A-BOX game line was developed, and a game based on Wichita, KS, was added to the list of games to be produced.

Wichita-opoly's Uniquely Wichita Features

In Wichita-opoly, players can purchase the Wichita landmarks and properties that locals know and love. Monopoly’s original Boardwalk and Park Place tiles have been swapped for the Keeper of the Plains and Oldtown respectively. With other tiles dedicated to the Segwick County Zoo, the Wichita Art Museum, Wichita State University, Botanica, Century II and more, Wichitans are sure to feel right at home while playing this uniquely Wichita version of Monopoly. In addition to the token advancement cards that direct players to Wichita-specific locations on the board, other cards provide cash prizes for Wichita events. Players taking first place at the Wagonmasters Downtown Chili Cookoff receive a $20 prize, and players crowned Miss Wichita can collect $100!

Where to get Wichita-opoly

Get a jump on the holiday season with this unique gift idea for the Wichitan, former Wichitan or Wichitan-at-heart in your life! We've seen Wichita-opoly at Walmart on east Pawnee and Broadway and Walgreens at 13th and Woodlawn. Have you seen the game at another location? Tell us where in the comments!

Ashley Aulbach


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