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Wichita Food Trucks

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Wichita's Funky Monkey Shaved Ice Truck

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Wichita Food Trucks

Wichita is known for its unique and eclectic atmosphere, and a lot of things work together to create it. Among those things is our enormous fleet of food trucks, which can be spotted in various locations around town. Boasting a total of 24 local food trucks, and as many as 9 frequenting trucks from other cities, Wichita has enough food trucks to support food truck rallies on both the east and west sides of town.

“The food trucks are like a small family within themselves and seeing them coming together, collaborate and help each other.  They have a huge heart for Wichita and believe strongly in supporting local,” said Linae Bouche, who manages the Wichita Food Trucks Facebook Page.

The concept of food trucks in Wichita really took off about five years ago when the Flying stove opened for business, according to Bouche. The Flying Stove serves burgers, tacos, wraps, salads and more. After opening, the truck grew to be very popular, even gaining national attention in 2013, when it was recognized by Forbes as one of the 25 coolest food trucks in the country. What began with one truck has since grown into a fleet of Wichita food trucks. With such high numbers, the food trucks are quickly gaining support, reaching over 1,400 followers on the Wichita Food Trucks Facebook page.

"We want to make the trucks the 'thing to do' this summer," said Lisa who owns the Funky Monkey Munchies food truck with her husband, Eddi.

The trucks can be found in various places across Wichita. While some of them maintain permanent locations, others can be found out and about the town. Mr. Natural’s Soul Kitchen has a permanent location at the Workroom, and the newest of Wichita’s trucks, Monica’s Homemade Mexican Food Truck, operates at Harry and Seneca on most days, with the exclusion of Sundays.

Trucks can be also found at the ICT Pop-Up Park, located at 121 E Douglas. The park is typically booming with trucks, but traffic slows down during the winter. Despite the cold, there is always at least one food truck present during the park’s serving hours, which are 11 a.m. -1:30 p.m. for lunch, coffee at 3-5 p.m., and dinner after 6 p.m. The Pop-Up Park posts a weekly food truck schedule on its Facebook page, allowing followers to build a visit to their favorite truck into their schedules.

Many other local businesses are frequented by food trucks, such as Reverie Coffee Roasters, Verita Coffee Bar, the Hopping Gnome, Central Standard Brewing, The Red Cross, Natural Grocers East and even McConnell AFB. 

The truck may also appear in even more locations, as they can also be rented for local events.

“This is kind of a time for the chefs to shine in their niche.  Some of them will arrange their menu to suit the need of whatever event they are attending, although if a client hires them they usually do so because they already love their food,” Bouche said.

 Food trucks can be rented for any kind of large event, be it a wedding, graduation, or otherwise. Check out the most popular Wichita food trucks below. 

Funky Monkey Munchies

Funky Monkey Munchies highlights well-loved menu items like crab rangoon tacos, WonTon Nachos, and the recently added kimchi tots. The truck can be found in various places across all of Wichita, but the East side is the truck's most frequent location. At least once a week, Funky Monkey Munchies is at the ICT Pop-Up Park. Using mainly organic, locally-sourced, non-GMO ingredients, Funky Monkey offers fresh, high quality food that's sure to satisfy.

Flying Stove

Flying Stove opened in 2011, and offers a gourmet approach to a variety of foods such as  sandwiches, burgers, tacos, salads, and more. The Flying Stove's menu changes each week, offering fresh, new options on a regular basis. This truck frequents the ICT Pop-Up Park, Central Standard Brewing, Hopping Gnome and Verita Coffee Bar. Flying Stove accepts both credit and debit cards. 

B.S. Sandwich Press

B.S. Sandwich Press began serving Wichitans in 2012. Specializing in panini sandwiches and homemade chips and fries, B.S. Sandwich Press serves American, Italian, and Deli style foods, making B.S. Sandwich press a favorite among Wichitans. This food truck allows customers to call or text orders in advance and schedule a pickup time. If you're looking for a caterer for your next event or party, This truck is ready to roll. B.S. Sandwich Press accepts both debit and credit cards.

Hopperoni Express

The Hopperoni Express opened in 2013. This food truck is the Wichita Brewing Company’s own mobile pizza service, and the first mobile pizza truck to serve Wichita! The Hopperoni Express is equipped with a wood-fired oven, so you can enjoy the classic WBC pizzas you know and love! The Hopperoni Express serves 10-inch artisan pizzas, and it's a great option for groups and kids! The Hopperoni Express accepts credit  and debit cards.

Charlie's PizzaTaco

The Charlie's Pizza Taco food truck is the mobile extensiion of  the two existing Charlie’s PizzaTaco restaurants located in Wichita and Pratt. The truck serves the PizzaTacos for which the store was named, in addition to other favorite items from the restaurant's menu, so you can enjoy Charlie's when you're on the go! The truck accepts both debit and credit cards. 

Brickhouse BBQ

Brickhouse BBQ's menu features homemade barbecue favorites such as smoked ribs, brisket, pulled pork, nachos, chicken, hot links and more. At Brickhouse BBQ, you can even order specialty items and your favorite sides. Brickhouse sets up shop wherever their presence is requested, including places like hospitals, call centers, festivals, markets, trade shows, food truck rallies, and even offices. Brickhouse BBQ accepts call ahead ordering.

The Brown Box Bakery

The Brown Box Bakery serves gourmet filled cupcakes, like the ever popular margarita, dark berry and New Yorker cupcakes. Each cupcake that leaves the Brown Box Bakery is a work of art, hand-crafted with love and care by Anna, who leads Brown Box. The Brown Box Bakery frequents the ICT Pop-Up Park. If you're craving some great cupcakes, give the Brown Box Bakery a try!

Let'm Eat Brats

Offering authentic German foods such as bratwursts, bierocks, German potato salad, krautsalad, and German sweet treats, Let'm Eat Brats is a popular Wichita truck. Offering a dessert of the day,  and a salad of the day, Let'm Eat Brats has fresh featured menu items for its customers to try every day! Check out Let'm Eat Brats for some of the best authentic German food Wichita has to offer! 

Mr. Natural Soul Kitchen

Mr. Natural Soul Kitchen is a popular Wichita food truck that specializes in offering healthy and organic street foods. If you're looking for great food sourced from local farmers, Mr. Natural Soul Kitchen is a great option for you! This truck has a permanent location at the Workroom, 150 N. Cleveland, so you know where to find it!  Preorders can be places via Facebook message.

Ms. Tosha's Chicken

Ms. Tosha's Chicken food truck is know for serving the very best chicken available, and for formerly offering Ms. Tosha's Tuesdays. Featuring a recently developed new menu with seven different chicken flavors as well fries for a side, Ms. Tosha's Chicken appeals to a variety of tastes. This truck can be found all over the city. 

Monica's Homemade Mexican Food Truck

Monica's Homemade Mexican Food Truck is the newest truck in the Wichita fleet, and its menu highlights...you guessed it! Homemade Mexican food. Offering some of the best tamales, tacos, burritos and wraps around Monica's is a great alternative to the traditional Mexican restaurant. Taking up a permanent location at the corner of Harry and Seneca, Monica's is open most days, with the exclusion of Sunday.

What are your favorite local food trucks?

Do you have a favorite food truck? Let us know in the comments!


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