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Wichita Falls Disabled American Veterans Has New Facility for Meetings

Wichita Falls Disabled American Veterans Has New Facility for Meetings

The Wichita Falls Disabled American Veterans (DAVs) has a brand-new location for their monthly veterans’ meetings. They have a dedicated office space and use of the Wichita Falls Transportation Center’s conference room and are pleased to invite all veterans to join them for regular meetings. The group is also bringing back their van, which will transport vets to necessary destinations such as clinics in Lawton, Oklahoma City, and other areas so that vets can receive dialysis and other required treatments. The 2020 pandemic limited the DAVs activities, but their services are now back in full swing and they hope veterans take full advantage of the new meeting zone. Meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month.

632 Members and Growing 

The DAV has 632 members and the group wants them to reunite. The number of members was growing consistently before the pandemic, but the two-year hiatus has been challenging in terms of finding a new meeting space. David Zapat, Chapel with the DVA Chapter 41, would like to encourage all veterans who are struggling with mental issues to reach out to the group. The members are there to listen to and support each other. They also have a myriad of resources that can be helpful to veterans. The DAV is not only for vets, but also for widows who require aid and direction. 

Mental Health Issues in Veterans

Over 40,000 veterans are without shelter in the US on any given night. Some of the most prevalent reasons for these statistics are PTSD, social isolation, substance abuse, and unemployment. DAV groups can help put vets in touch with mental health assistance and provide information on how to receive immediate food and shelter, job training, support with the justice system, and help with receiving veterans’ disability compensation. Experts can help disabled veterans understand how the VA rates disabilities and inform them of the amount of monthly compensation they can receive.

Support for Older Veterans

Older veterans can also benefit from attending meetings. Research indicates that social isolation is a crucial public health issue that affects older veterans. One study found that vets who are 85 and older, male, white, and unpartnered/unmarried (with a lower educational attainment and lower income) are at a high risk of severe social isolation. The researchers stressed the importance of improving social connectedness in this group. DAVs can bridge the gap in this group, ensuring that older vets enjoy better emotional health and support. Senior vets often need specific aid for issues such as loss of mobility, the loss of a loved one, housing, and accessing essential domestic goods.

The Wichita Falls Disabled American Veterans (DAVs) is pleased to announce that it has brand-new meeting facilities. The group was consistently growing in numbers in pre-COVID-19 days, and all its services are back in full swing. A new van will enable veterans to access care and other crucial necessities. Widows, older vets, and all those needing support and companionship are welcome.


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