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Wichita Disc Golf

Wichita Disc Golf

"I Live to Frolf." - Andy Bernard
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What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a sport that was formalized in the 1970’s. The game that combines elements of golf and the classic game of Frisbee.

Much like regular golf, this sport is played on outdoor courses consisting of either 9 or 18 “holes”. Players throw a plastic disc, or Frisbee, from a tee area in attempts to make it into an elevated metal basket, which is the “hole.” Players are to throw from the spot the disc landed on the last throw. As it the rule in a traditional game of golf, the player completing the course with the fewest throws wins the game. As the sport is played outdoors, trees, shrubs, lakes and more may present additional changes for players.

Disc golf is designed for all ages, and can be played free of charge at many parks and other facilities with courses.

How It Works

How it Works

Tee Throws
Players begin each hole with a tee throw. This must be completed in the designated tee area.

This is the spot where the previous throw has landed. The next throw must be executed from this spot.

Throwing Order
When teeing off, the player who completed the last hole in the fewest strokes throws first. After this, the player whose disc is the furthest from the hole throws first.

Fairway Throws
These throws must be made from directly behind the lie. Players may execute a run-up and normal follow-through, as long as the lie is more than 10 meters from the target. Shots within 10 meters of the target require players to refrain from moving past the lie until the disc is at rest.

Also called a Mandatory, this is a designated pole or tree in the fairway that must be passed. These are typically indicated by arrows.

Unplayable Lie
When the disc comes to a rest above the ground, it is considered unplayable.  If this occurs, the lie will be moved to the ground below the disc or the nearest playable area.

Where to Play

Alan John Memorial – Mulvane – 9 holes

Camp Hawk – Newton – 24 holes

Camp Hiawatha - Wichita - 10 holes

Carey Park – Hutchinson – 18 holes

Centennial Park – Newton – 18 holes

Cherry Street Park – Winfield - 9 holes

Eastminster Church – Wichita – 18 holes

Herman Hill Park – Wichita – 18 holes

HOPE Community Church - Andover - 9 holes

Oak Park – Wichita - 18 hole course

Old Oaks Disc Golf Course – Haysville – 18 holes, 9 baskets

Riggs Park – Haysville- 9 holes

Riverlawn Christian Church – Wichita – 9 holes

Stone Creek Park - Derby - 18 holes

Woods Park – Wellington -18 holes


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