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Why Wichita Loves QuikTrip

Why do Wichitans love QuikTrip? If you grew up in the area, QT is something you've probably known your whole life. It's a happy place. A comforting place. It's the place you can count on for a cheap candy fix, batteries on Christmas day, a 3 a.m. hot dog, FREE air for you car tires, and every beverage under the sun.  It's more than a "gas station". It's more than a "convenience store". It's a QuikTrip.

There are 38 QTs in and around the city, but the truth is, there could never be too many. QT began in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1958 and came to Wichita in the early 1960's. Over the decades they've evolved from a typical gas station, to a super convenience store with all of the snacks, drinks, and necessities that you need to survive your day. Unlike a lot of convenience stores, they're clean. And get this... they really are quick.

Here's our list of our favorite things about QT. Tell us your favorites in the comments!

Hot Dogs

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Roller Foods

Om nom nom. Say what you will, Roller Foods are delicious. Hot dogs are pretty standard, but QT has burger dogs, buffalo dogs, chicken taquitos, cheese taquitos, egg rolls, corn dogs... it's an amazing array of roller-based food. They also have a toppings bar and a cool cheese and chili machine, which takes lunch to a whole new level.
QT Gas Pumps

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Wichitans drive everywhere, so this is an important one. QuikTrip offers reward points. You get one reward point for every $2 you spend, or per 2 gallons of gas you buy. Each point equals one cent off per gallon of gas. Most people in town hoard reward points to see how cheap they can make their gas. It's a fun game, and if you've ever made it down to $.01/gallon, you know the true feeling of accomplishment.
Fountain Drinks

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Fountain & Frozen Drinks

QT is know for their drink selection. Every color, every flavor. It's self-serve, so if you're brave you can mix your own concoction. And everyone in Wichita knows when the Big Q goes on sale, it's the official start of summertime.
QT Kitchens

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Made To Order Food From the QT Kitchen

Made-to-order soft pretzels, flat breads, toasted sandwiches, croissants and pizzas. This stuff is tasty, fast, and you can order from a cool touch screen, which is definitely better than an inaudible drive-thru speaker. In addition to the Kitchen, there are tons of other grab-and-go foods including breakfast sandwiches, pretty-fresh salads, sandwiches, and lots of snacks.
Pizza Slice

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It's not as good as the rectangle shaped pizza you can only get in a 1980s Wichita elementary school cafeteria, but it's really good. Sliced and ready to go, you can literally grab a piece, pay and be out the door in 30 seconds.
Coffee and Tea

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Coffee and Tea... aka Caffeine

Caffeine comes in many forms, most of which are awesome. QuikTrip is a great spot for an iced tea, hot coffee, cappuccino, latte or frappe. They often have fancy seasonal flavors (Damn you pumpkin spice!). And because it's self-serve, you can make it just they way you like it.
Safe Place

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It's a Safe Place

QuikTrip locations are designated "Safe Places". As a partner of the national nonprofit, Safe Place, QuikTrip stores can provide shelter for youths in crisis while they are connected with a volunteer and ultimately professional help.
QuikTrip Store Exterior

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Building Design

Okay... one thing we don't like about QT. We love the look of the new stores, but the register situation is a step backwards. As you can see in the diagram (not to scale), patrons (X) are forced into lines that are hard to get out of without running into people. It's also hard to get from the tea side of the store to the potato chip side without weaving through people paying, or placing a QT Kitchens order. Likewise, if you grab a donut, then cross the store for a Freezoni, then decide you need two more donuts, it can be very challenging to acquire all of the sugar needed for the Monday meeting. We miss the old layout with the register in the middle of the store. There were no lines, just free-flowing guests grabbing any open counter space that was free. We're not mad though...

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Anything QT lacks in layout, they make up for in roller-based snacks.


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