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Which Wichita?

Wichita, Kansas isn't the only Wichita on the map. You're likely familiar with Wichita Falls, Texas; but did you know it isn't the only place with which we share a name? Iowa and Oregon are also home to Wichitans! 

Wichita, Iowa

Wichita, Iowa is a very small area located in the township of Seely, consisting only of a few homes and a cemetery. Located in Guthrie County, it is located just over an hour northwest of Des Moines. According to City-data.com, the population of Seely, Iowa is a mere 213, making the population of Wichita even smaller. Due to its size, there is little information on Wichita, Iowa, itself, but census reports for Seely offer some insight to life in Wichita, Iowa.

  • Biggest industry - Men: Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting; Women: Miscellaneous manufacturing, and work for the U.S. Postal service
  • Most common occupation - Men: farmer, women: office and administrative support
  • Average family size: 2-3 people

For more information on Seely, Iowa, click here.

Wichita, Oregon


Believed to have been located in the northwest part of Oregon in Clackamas County, Wichita, Oregon isn't around anymore. 

The exact location of Wichita, Oregon isn't known either, according to roadsidethoughts.com. What do remain, however, are a few pubs and restaurants throughout surrounding areas that have been named for the former Wichita community.

The Wichita Bar & Grill is located in Oregon City, the Wichita Town Pub is in Portland and the Wichita Pub is located in Clackamas.


Wichita Falls, Texas

Wichita Falls, Texas

via Downtownproud.com.

Wichita Falls, Texas, located in Wichita County, is known as the "Gateway to Texas." With a population of 104,77 it is significantly larger that Wichita, Iowa, and very likely much larger than the once Wichita, Oregon. 

  • Biggest industry: Healthcare and social assistance
  • Most common occupation: Administrative supervisor
  • Average commute time: 13.2 minutes
  • Average family size: 2-3 people
  • City parks: 39
  • Trails: 13 miles of trails for bike, walk, jog, and rollerblades
  • Air Force Base: Sheppard 

Much like our own Wichita, Wichita Falls is home to a university. Midwestern State, a liberal arts school, calls Wichita Falls home. Here are a few Midwestern State University statistics. 

Midwestern State University

  • Mascot is a Mustang
  • 6500-6900 students
  • 43 majors
  • NCAA DII  Men's and Women's Athletics

Learn more here.

Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas, also known as the air capital of the world, ICT, Doo Dah, and home, has a population of 388,413. Located in Sedgwick County, This Wichita is the biggest of them all.

  • Biggest industry - Manufacturing
  • Most common occupation - Administrative supervisor
  • Average commute time: 17.7 minutes
  • Average family size: 2-3 people
  • City parks: 100+
  • Trails: 100+ miles of bicycle paths, lanes and other bicycle facilities
  • Air Force Base: McConnel 

Wichita State University

  • Mascot is Wushock, a shock of wheat
  • 11,691 students
  • 96 majors
  • NCAA Division I athletics

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